While many of you may have already made your way down to Tucson to begin perusing the cities vast nooks and crannies that will be thriving with gem dealers over the next few weeks our friends at Euphonic Conceptions have one more treat for everyone before the 8th Annual Gem & Jam Festival is upon us! As many of you have heard Gem & Jam will is boasting quite the diverse line up of musical performances while at the same time infusing the skills of many talented visual artists to make this a special weekend for everyone in attendance. If you have yet to secure yourself tickets for the weekend we have tacked on a link below to make things easy for you!

For those of you not making it down to Tucson until the festivities kick off Friday evening ‘The Road to Gem & Jam Vol. 3’ will be the perfect addition to whatever playlist will be bouncing through your eardrums while you make the trek to Arizona! As has been the case with each of the preceding compilations Euphonic Conceptions has gifted us, this final installment features tracks from four of the many talented artists that will be gracing the stages this weekend. Paul Basic (Fri. 10.10-11.10) of Pretty Light Music kicks things off with a powerful soul infused concoction of booming bass on ‘Black Spring’ until Treavor Moontribe (Fri. 10.10-10.50) sets us off down ‘The Long Dark Road’ and blasts us off into the cosmos for a house infused cruise through the solar system.  Soulular’s (Sun. 10:40-11:40) ‘Icaro’ creeps up just after with a worldly combination of sloshing and goopy bass that is sure to get the crowd going as he works his magic Sunday evening. Turning things over to Insightful (Sat.11.50-12.50) to close out this compilation couldn’t have been a better decision. This crafty Oakland based producer dons us with ‘Refuse’; an atmospheric soundscape laced with smooth hard hitting bass and starry synth melodies. While you’re digging through these tracks be sure to grab the free download and if you are looking to grab that last minute ticket follow the link below to Gem & Jam’s ticketing service!

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