artworks-000070006423-5n54cc-t500x500Today Minorstep released the title track from his forthcoming Weep EP. George Kroustallis is the mastermind behind Minorstep, a newcomer to Symbols Recordings. I love the use of indistinguishable chopped vocals when they become instrumentally used in small blips as a part of the beat, and  Minorstep seems to have perfected this art on “Weep.” There are many layers that come into place on this song, but I was never overwhelmed with all that goes on in this track. This song changes up at 1:15, at 3:26,  and at 4:29; essentially creating four sections of the tune that sound completely different from one another. “Weep” takes the listener on a journey as the emotions of the tune seem to change very frequently

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  1. This isn’t a single song, it’s previews of the all the tracks off his forthcoming EP.

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