Streaming from Australia since 2010, Gold Fields brings us a futuristic funk remix to Tinashe’s hip-hop hit “Vulnerable”. This track is a new spin reminiscent of 80’s dance-pop. It’s sexy, chill and fun. A funk undertone glides through each beat. Five guys make up Gold Fields (vocalist Mark Robert Fuller, guitarist Vin Andanar, keyboardist Rob Clifton, bassist Luke Peldys, and drummer Ryan D’Sylva). The band creates their own original tracks while also throwing in some remixes. In 2013 they performed at SXSW and released their first full-length album “Black Sun”. Since they’re still starting up, the boys were able to raise enough money from their fans in order to tour the US this past Fall. With supportive fans like that, I see a promising future for Gold Fields.


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