After a brief hiatus, Owen Bones is back with a beat that was worth the wait. His newest release, “UC Dreams”, is a bass-laden track with a chilled out edge. The vibe of the track brings out a subtly aggressive sound that is unique to Owen Bones, and will keep you coming back for more of his unusual, introspective music. The Chicago-based producer has been dropping snippets of songs he has in the works, such as an edit of “Smoke” by Daughter (one of my personal favorites), as well as brand new originals such as the recent “Hater”, to surprise his fans (and amass new ones). His experience as a drummer in a the band is audibly apparent in his music, due to the tight, percussion-focused nature of his tracks. Owen Bones is one to keep an ear out for in 2014 – listen to “UC Dreams” and hear for yourself.

Listen: UC Dreams – Owen Bones


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