cashmere cat

It’s no secret that Cashmere Cat is a hopeless romantic, and by the end of Wedding Bells you will be, too. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this brand new EP from the Norwegian producer is the perfect soundtrack to fall in love to. Cashmere Cat delivers us a dose of auditory oxytocin via his signature form of dancefloor beauty trap. From the silken opening piano melody of “With Me” to “Rice Rain”’s ecstatic conclusion, Wedding Bells takes us on a journey through the softer side of bass music. The EP is defined by wistful piano melodies and twinkling synths punctuated by chaotic percussion and, of course, the quintessential squeaky bed samples. Cashmere Cat’s characteristic choppy unverbal vocals encapsulate a sensation that transcends language – especially alongside whimsical woodwinds in the celebratory “Rice Rain” and layered over lower register chaos in “Wedding Bells”.

Cashmere Cat brings more of the upbeat, pop-infused weirdness debuted in last year’s Mirror Maru EP in this celebration of every facet of love – from the fairytale-esque to the inevitable turmoil and confusion. If you’re ready to fall head over heels, check out the EP’s title track “Wedding Bells” right here. You can purchase the Wedding Bells EP now via iTunes – your inner romantic will thank you.


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