Need some intergalactic vibes to get your day in gear? Look no further than Elevated Mind‘s brand spanking new ‘Elliptical Fields’ EP for a hefty slathering of trans-dimensional space flavors. Having recently changed his production alias from Dubzilla this is Will Bauer’s first release as Elevated Mind. This gifted young producer has had a knack for crafting rippling basslines that transcend galaxies for some time so this new alias of his sounds much more fitting. A little over a week ago ‘Elliptical Fields’ began ripping around the web but if you guys managed to sleep on it we thought why not perk those ears up! Dive on in a grab the free download’s if you so do desire and be sure you check out his remix of Ludacris‘ ‘Blueberry Yum Yum’ that is also tucked away over on his Bandcamp.

Elevated Mind on Facebook | SoundCloud


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