Misterwives is an innovative NYC based band that has relaxed yet exultant reverberations. The free-spirited group of six has flourished since their original grouping of three in 2012.  Formerly, Misterwives consisted of lead singer Mandy Lee, Etienne and William. However, recently they have incorporated three new members Marc, Murph and Dr. Blum. Together the six have produced their latest EP, Reflections, which was released January 27, 2014.

Reflections, has a stimulating vibe that some would say is rare to find in pop-like material today. The EP has a cohesive feel of indie-pop rhythms tied with their lyric’s emotional origins. The lyrics are those of heartbreak and deception, but what makes each track so unique is the careless and blissful melody of each track.

“Reflections” could be one of the most progressive tracks off of the EP. The delightful mental state it puts you in compared to the emotional state that was probably consumed while writing it is extreme. The only criticism for this track and respectively the EP as a whole is that each track should be longer. Roughly three minutes per song is almost torture; because it leaves you wanting more. So beware, Reflections, is an EP that can easily be overplayed in a day, but don’t let that stop you from pressing play.

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