After Daft Punk took the stage at the Grammies for their second on-air performance ever, viewers and fans worldwide were probably left speculating if a tour would ever come to fruition again.  After the release of Random Access Memories, the duo promptly stated they had no plans to tour immediately following the release.  Though that was certainly a crushing blow, I think everyone knows in the back of their minds that Daft Punk isn’t done yet.  Now, their may be an actual, REAL glimmer of hope in the near future.

According to the Rapid City Journal, a South Dakota news publication, the French duo’s plan was to host an event catering to 50,000 attendees at the base of the United State’s first National monument, Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.  You might recall the moment from Speilberg’s film, Close Encounter of The Third Kind.  You might find the location a bit out-of-the-way for the duo, but then remember those five iconic musical notes that Daft Punk borrowed during their 2007 Alive tour (many others have used the sample too).   It all makes sense in some way.  The plan was to project lasers and visuals all over the base of the tower creating an other-worldly experience in the shadow of the massive tower.


ICM Partners, Daft Punk’s representation, approached the park last fall with big plans, but the park officially denied the request on January 31st this year.  The park consulted six Native American tribes in the area, but all of which agreed the event would be in bad taste.  An unfortunate but very understandable reasoning for those that live in the area.  You can read more about the denied request in the Journal.

While it is unfortunate news that Daft Punk isn’t playing in front of the National monument, this does lead us to consider one thing– Daft Punk is scouting for tour locations!  It could be the real deal.  According to the cited article the Devil’s Tower event was supposed to take place over the upcoming Summer.  And if we put together all the details that would mean a tour announcement would have to appear within the next couple months.  Very exciting news and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for more!  Until the time comes, revel in delight that gear are in motion.

EDIT:  Pitchforked noted soon after the story broke that Daft Punk is represented by CAA, not ICM Partners.  Apparently the agency submitted numerous names as an example lineup for the festival, and in the process, mentioned Daft Punk as one of those names.

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