As some of you have noticed we recently took on a new look over the past few weeks. While we are still making a few internal tweaks here and there, we here at The Dankles hope you’re finding the new layout we have applied much more navigable than our previous appearance. To help us usher in this little bit of change we thought it would only be right to drop the curtains on one of our biggest artist features in quite some time. We were lucky enough to catch Amp Live in between gigs for a few minutes to pick his brain and find out what he has up his sleeves for the next few months. With a new album looming on the horizon we are excited to see how this seasoned producer will be making the most out of 2014.


The Dankles: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, where are you tuning in from today?
Amp Live: No problem, I am in Austin TX, hanging out right now.

TD: Zion I has kicked off 2014 with their ‘Master of Ceremony Tour’, how has that stint of shows been treating you guys?
Amp: The tour went really well. Sol and MKSMTH were a good fit.

TD: Recently you have been focusing a little more on your solo production path, are you pleased with how the music you have put forth so far has been received?
Amp:  I have been releasing solo music for the past few years.  But never on this level.  So far things have been going well, the campaign is about to begin so hopefully people will feel where I am coming from.

TD: Your upcoming concept album ‘Headphone Concerto’ is due out sometime this Spring, can you tell us a little bit more about the idea behind this project?
Amp: I wanted to create a modern day classical concerto piece.  If you don’t already know, a  concerto is a piece of music that has different movements in it, by definition around three I think. I am kind of doing my interpretation of that.  So the album will be broken down into 3.5 parts or vibes…Love, God, Music & Life.  I said 3.5 because music & life are kind of combined.  This project focuses on the cello as the solo instrument so I am working with a lot of live strings and arrangements.  Hope you guys are feeling it!


TD: You recently dropped a single from that project that featured Dom of Big Gigantic on sax, can we look to see more incorporation of live instrumentals worked into your production in the future?
Amp: For sure, I always use live instruments…even if it sounds like a sample.  Most of the time I made it sound that way by tweaking it.

TD: As far as 2014 goes, will you be focusing more directly on solo production aside from working with Zion I and other producers or will you be trying to spread yourself around evenly?
Amp: Even though I am happy other producers are adding to the Zion I sound because it brings more color, I am definitely trying to still stay involved and spread myself around evenly. I try to keep the vibes pretty different so I don’t overlap and I can focus on multiple projects at the same time. For example, I wouldn’t do a Zion I or other mc’s  album at the same time because it kind of carries into the same place in my creativity.  Doing mostly instrumental and electronic production is easy to do along with other projects because it is mostly me that brings on the vibe.


TD: What factor of your music do you think really makes your production stand out and draw in new listeners?
Amp: I think I always combine different ideas and feelings in my music, but bring it together in a appetizing way for the listeners. I try to get straight to the point of what I am trying to say in the music.

TD: With your newest album coming down the pipes can we look to see you around this summer on the road taking on some shows?
Amp: For sure…my show will be a extension of what people know me by already, freestyles, visuals, and crazy controllers.  Along with having a live cello player, I will definitely have one of the things that people like me to bring out the most; its the custom MPC guitar controller that I will be banging on.

TD: You have had the opportunity to work with quite the pool of talented artists over the years, is there anyone in particular that you’d like to do work with again in the future?
Amp: Definitely want to do another round with Eligh again for a new Therapy album.  Also would like to complete the project I was doing with Blake from The Submarines.

TD: Thanks for letting us pick your brain a bit, are there any shout outs or last words you’d like to slide in here?
Amp: Of course, shout out to all the fans and people that continue to support me. Shout out to the teams of people  that help my career move. Check me out on my SoundCloud and also online at Amp Lives World. Easy!

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