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Every now and then two producers join forces to take their sound into a new realm. Recently emcee GDP and bass music producer Space Jesus have teamed up to form a new group that shall be known from here on out as #$ (pronounced Hash Money). This quirky combination of raunchy emcee and producer has already been making waves since they first dropped “Apathy” on the Smokers Cough Sampler 1 back in November so it’s no surprise they are bringing another heaping portion to the table. Following up a mind-warping video for “Right Now” we are now being presented with the third offering from this raw and assertive team of artists. “Molly Cynus” features Chippy Nonstop and Shape to back up verses from GDP and the gut wrenching beat ebbing forth from Space Jesus’ decks. This is just one more little taste of #$’s upcoming self-titled debut that is due out on New York’s Smokers Cough imprint in the next few months so make sure to keep your ears perked up for that as well.

2 Comments on "[PREMIERE] #$ (GDP & Space Jeusus) – Molly Cynus"

  1. Dude, what happened to your intense lyrics we use to hear?

  2. GDP – “The Next Day”

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