Elaksi is back with “Shining” a spectacular tune teeming with a melange of influences.  Like Elaksi’s previous work, there is a distinct trap influence to be found, medled with elements of future bass and traditional RnB; but Elaksi is quickly finding his sound within the saturated SoundCloud marketspace.  A tasteful sample from OneRepublic (the same one used to great effect by Rusko) wafts hazily over an 808-led bassline, creating a lush, ephemeral vibe . The track even makes a few nods to jersey club– interestingly enough, seeing as Elaksi hails from Helsinki and we’ve been seeing quite a lot of high quality jersey club come out of the Scandinavian area.  Peep the tune through his SoundCloud below and grab a free download through his Facebook page.

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