If you’re looking to get a little weird this afternoon than you definitely came to the right place. This debut ‘Swampilation’ is sure to tickle your fancy if you like your bass wet and dripping. Each producer who has lent a track to this bubbling eleven track compilation has one mission at hand; make it through the muck and appease the ever unforgiving Swamp Gods. The folks over at Swamp Music have been digging through layers of plant matter and mud for months to determine the best route through this Swamp of Life. Throughout the entirety of this release we are dealt oozing soundscapes riddled with gooey, undulating bass vibrations that are sure to suck you into the muck if you don’t get those feet moving. Having never heard many of these producers prior to this concoction we can only look to the horizon for new material to seep forth from the bog and infiltrate our speakers.

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  1. This is awesome music!!!

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