100s - IVRY


The face of hip-hop consistently changes, and as the years go on, many of the familiar West Coast faces have faded away. A fresh face looking to fill the void is 100s, who in his short time has already managed to gain some serious notice. Through his Bay Area roots and his early fascination with pimp culture, 100s’ sound is a perfect blend of 90s throwback style and a pioneering creativity that is essential in today’s rap world. In 2012 – at the mere age of 20 – 100s released his first mixtape Ice Cold Perm, and in the process, was able to earn himself a place with A-Trak in the Fool’s Gold family.

One year later we see the release of IVRY, a swinging and smooth eight track EP that showcases not only the natural talent that 100s possesses, but the expert level that can emerge when the right artist collaborates with the right label. With tracks produced by A-Trak himself, as well as Vaughn of Oliver, 100s’ slick and sexy lyrics exquisitely slide through the electro funk beats that accompany it. While IVRY is refreshing and smooth from start to finish, highlights include the 90s infused style of tracks like “Slide On Ya” and “Middle Of The Night,” while the disco laced sounds of “Different Type Of Love” and “Ten Freaky Hoes” will be a hit for fans of acts such as Chromeo or U-Tern. The IVRY EP is currently a free download with Fool’s Gold so be sure to grab it  here, and listen to the whole album below.

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