Black Noir Schwarz Psychemagik

Throughout every memorable DJ set there always seems to be that one unicorn track that simply blows you away. The unrecognizable, un-Shazamable, and frankly unattainable song inevitably gets stuck in your head for weeks while you search helplessly to try and find it before the melody abruptly vanishes from memory like a forgotten dream. Well, at Damian Lazarus‘ Spy Bar set this last Summer, Psychemagik‘s original mix of “Black Noir Schwarz” was my unicorn track. I should have known that a bomb as powerful as this one would not go unsigned by Crosstown Rebel‘s label boss (Lazarus) for very long.

The spine tingling, hair raising bassline of “Black Noir Schwarz” is simply vicious, a cut guaranteed to destroy any dance floor lucky enough to hear the track. Renegade‘s dark and mesmerizing chant of “black noir schwarz, these are the colors of my love for you,” adds a perfect touch of eeriness to the already dark sound of the song. Really all I can say about the original mix is that it will be in my bag for a very very long time and that it’s one of the best songs I’ve had the pleasure of hearing on a club speaker system.

On remix duty is a slew of veteran producers including Tensnake, Deaf Pillow, Leo Zero, and Extended Play, who add their signature touch to the track. Mineo has got the best remix in my book though, turning the dark after-hours original into a sun-kissed funky nu-disco song that’s more suitable for the beach or a poolside set. Vocoders, upbeat guitar riffs, and a driving bassline all highlight this phenomenal remix.

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