More recently than ever producers, DJs and bands are adopting new side-projects.  Some artists are comfortable expressing their art through their main moniker, but others enjoy creating an entirely new identity for their new sounds.  Below we’ve detailed five side-projects that you should pay attention to this year.


LOST CITY (Noah D & No Thing)

Lost City is the collaboration between two veteran producers, Noah D & No Thing.  Noah D is a producer championed by SMOG records.  A familiar name among the grime, drum & bass and dubstep scenes.  He has been around all facets of bass music.  No Thing has been a collaborator with the likes of Antiserum, SPL, Truth.  Their collaboration was birthed from the necessity to reinvent the jungle sounds that spawned bass music years prior.  Their new style, labeled JNGL, is just a re-imagination of the old.  Breathing new life into a hybrid of reggae, jungle, dancehall, hip-hop and more.  Their self-titled debut release showcases their style in a perfect light and is available for free download; stream one of the tracks below.


AUTOGRAF (Midnight Conspiracy & The Chaotic Good)

If you’ve been following our blog, chances are you’ve heard of this Chicago duo.  Rebranding themselves as a future house power-house, Autograf has turned heads with the remixes that they’ve released thus far.  With less emphasis on Midnight Conspiracy’s bass-infused hits, Autograf’s production finesse shines on their slew of remixes.  While we wait for originals to surface, their SoundCloud holds a plethora of options.  Perfect for late-night joy rides, clubs and friendly gatherings– Autograf may have found a new formula for success and we look forward to what’s next.  Who knows, this side project could turn into a full-time gig?


AYAHUASCA (Dream Koala)

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard this one yet.  Dream Koala is an interesting experimental electronic project, but his new side project, Ayahuasca, is even more out there.  Fans of experimental music might find this release very intriguing.  Ayahuasca used samples from the film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and composed eight original tracks only available via 70 limited-addition cassettes.  More of an ambient release than anything else, Ayahuasca gives the samples deeply emotional contexts.  Check out his Bandcamp for more details and stream one of the tracks below.


LOW STEPPA (Will Bailey)

Back when heavier, more ruthless bass-music was the hot new style, Will Bailey was one of the leading names.  A producer with many different aliases; Will started producing under Low Steppa back in 2011 and has since taken it to a new level.  Consuming most of his time now (and becoming his single focus), Low Steppa was making house music with a heavy bass emphasis before most caught on.  Functioning under his own imprint, Simma Records, Low Steppa has thrived and grown a massive audience of devoted listeners.  If you’re a fan of what you hear, Low Steppa is constantly releasing new material and you can always find them on his SoundCloud page.

AUDION (Matthew Dear)

Of this list, you might be most familiar with Matthew Dear’s side-project Audion.  Started back in 2004, Audion is a project that diverged from Dear’s pop-driven formula in exchange for darker, more sinister techno sounds.  Under the name there have been more than a handful of releases.  It was announced that 2014 would bring a full album and an immersive audio-visual experience called Subverticul.  Working with Vita Motus, the team that brought Amon Tobin’s live set-up to life, Audion’s upcoming live shows are going to be a hyper-sensory experience.  Stream “Sky” below and listen through Audion’s SoundCloud for more material.

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