If you’re a fan of bass music, chances are you’ve credited some of that love to Caspa and his arsenal of memorable tunes. Caspa is on the verge of releasing his brand new Dubstep Sessions 2014, a compilation featuring 34 massive tunes from some of the best in the game (see track list at the bottom), and we sat down to chat with him about the upcoming release and more!

Thanks for putting some time aside to talk to us, how is everything going?

It’s been an interesting 12 months, but all is well. I can’t complain. I’m very focused on making great music at the moment. So I’m in studio mode! I’ve also moved to Denver, CO for a few months, as I want a change of scenery to see how it inspires me and it also gives me the opportunity to play cities out here that I don’t get to do on my shorter stay tours.

How did you first come to the idea of compiling the Dubstep Sessions?

I wanted to start a series that you could introduce every year/every other year (whenever it was ready) that gave an idea of what was happening at the time.  Dubstep Sessions 2014 is my favorite so far; it just feels stronger and flows better. I had a lot of fun putting it together.

What is the message or theme you have in mind while contacting contributing artists and collecting the track list?

Like always, I put music on there that I like and play, but also I’m very focused on showcasing the sound across the board. I feel like this CD represents my DJ sets also. From the deep and dark to the heavier Trap-infused Dubstep. I never want to put music on there because “it sells.” It had to be organic from my side, that’s the key!

The compilation spans many genres from heavy grime to old school bass to trap-influenced Dubstep; can you put into words what direction the genre as a whole might be heading as the year progresses?

I feel that the scene has gone full cycle in many ways, and it’s leaning back to the more stripped-back darker sound, which I absolutely love!

Would you consider releasing another installment of the Dubstep Sessions later this year or beyond?

Consistency is very important to me and I will 100% be aiming to do another next year.

Can you name some rising artists that you are excited to see perform and develop this year?

Subscape has come a long way since we signed him back in 2009 and is currently working on an album. If that comes together as planned, I think he could be a real rising star.  Also there’s a bunch of new artists we’ve signed to the label, such as Mydas, Oiki, Variations and BadKlaat that are making great music and could all individually be just as prominent this year.

Any collabs/projects coming up that you are particularly excited about?

My second installment of Dubstep Sessions (2014) is coming out on March 17th which I’m really excited about as I feel that’s what the scene needs right now. It’s important that a compilation album like this comes out to show people there’s great, exciting Dubstep music being made. I’m also working on lots of new music and interesting collaborations for a possible album, to be released at some point this year.

What else can we expect from the Dub Police in the next few months?

We’ve been at Fabric in London for five years, but this year we’ve decided to take our night, strip it back and put it in a warehouse style space – back to basics – a dark room with a big sound system. Our first night is on April 19th, with myself, Emalkay, The Others vs Subscape, J:Kenzo, Mydas, Variations and BadKlaat. Alongside this we are going to continue putting out a lot of good quality music from all of our artists. Also The Others will be mixing the next installment of the ‘MyStyle’ compilation, which will be released this Summer.

The massive 35 track Dub Sessions 2014 arrives March 17th.  View the track list below and pre-order via iTunes.

1. Caspa feat. Diane Charlemagne – Reach for The Sky (The Others Remix)
2. Caspa – Sexy Beast
3. Mydas – Squared VIP
4. Asylum – Zero Gravity VIP
5. Variations – Fighting For Air VIP
6. Caspa feat. Riko Dan – Mad Man
7. Dirty Dog – Sucker Punch
8. Variations feat. Travis Kaye – Big Belly
9. Filth Collins – Fatboy Riddem VIP
10. Trolley Snatcha – Zulu
11. Flinch & Infuze feat. Elan – Belly Of The Beast
12. Caspa – Submission
13. Sleeper & District – Psychosis
14. Datsik – Scum
15. Emalkay feat. Glen Boden – The Line
16. HeRobust – SheKnowSheBad
17. Oiki – Ratchet
18. Excision & Datsik – Swagga VIP
19. BadKlaat – Get Twisted
20. Kromestar – Noiz
21. FuntCase – Out For Da Milli
22. The Others – Amazonia VIP
23. Joker – Head Top
24. Cotti feat. Killa P – Dub Warrior
25. Caspa – London Zoo
26. Caspa feat. Rod Azlan – No Gyal Tune
27. Caspa feat. Dismantle – Techno Terry
28. Oiki – Are You Scared
29. Flux Pavilion & SKisM feat. Foreign Beggars  – Jump Back VIP
30. Caspa – Setting Sun (Antiserum & Mayhem Remix)
31. Subscape – Close Your Eyes
32. Mydas – Beneath The Fold
33. Subscape – Angels
34. The Others feat. Lonette Charles – One Man Show (J:Kenzo Remix)

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