Undoubtably the best week of music and partying in the U.S. is Miami, Florida’s annual Winter Music Conference. Starting on Friday, March 21st and wrapping things up on Sunday, March 30th, the conference draws the most talented pool of producers and DJs worldwide for a week full of unique B2B sets, pool parties, and massive after-parties under Miami’s iconic palm trees and perpetual sunshine. We’ve outlined a list of our favorite and most anticipated parties of the conference to help you decide where you should spend your time on the dance floor!

Venue you must go to: Ice Palace West

Parties you must go to: Flying Circus (Wednesday, March 26th), Paradise (Thursday, March 27th), and Get Lost (Saturday, March 29th)

Most anticipated sets of WMC: Bill Patrick vs. Konrad Black, Matador (Live), Jamie Jones B2B Dyed Soundorom, Rob Made, Greg Pidcock, Lee Burridge, and Damian Lazarus.

Best promoter of WMC: Link Miami Rebels

Friday, March 21st:


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Can’t-miss sets: Matthew Dear, and Visionquest (Lee Curtis, Shaun Reeves, and Ryan Crosson)

If you’ve never been to a Visionquest or a Link/Miami Rebels party, then I truly feel bad for you. The Visionquest crew always pushes the boundaries of sound and even sanity by getting extremely creative throughout their sets. The imprint’s releases are so eclectic, that there’s no way you could generalize the label in any way besides just simply awesome music, which is what you should expect from this party!

Saturday, March 22nd:

Wisdom of the Glove

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Can’t-miss sets: Guy Gerber, and Martin Buttrich

Guy Gerber takes his highly successful Ibizan party and brings it to the 1,000 capacity Story Miami. Though Story is known more for their mainstream acts, Gerber is sure to transform the space into an underground odyssey that will take you down into his vision of “the wormhole.” Gerber has an uncanny ability to take the listeners on a trippy journey through space and music, always telling a story throughout his sets. Carefully building the crowd’s anticipation, Gerber will expertly raise the energy on the dancefloor before exploding into his peak-set bombs. Expect to be blown away throughout this party with unearthly vibes.

Sunday, March 23rd:




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Can’t-miss acts: Sharam, Uner, and Butch

Miami pool parties are awesome no matter who’s playing, but when Sharam, Uner, and Butch are on a lineup, you know you’re in for a special treat. Every DJ on this bill has the ability to articulate a story through their music, a characteristic that makes the difference between a good set and an unforgettable one.

Monday, March 24th:

WMC mond

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Can’t-miss sets: Apollonia, Jovonn, and Djebali B2B John Dimas.

Apollonia is known for their headstrong grooves and uncanny ability to crate-dig for truly underground tracks. If you like that old school deep house sound, then this will be by far the best party of WMC for you. Jovonn, Djebali, and John Dimas all absolutely kill it in their own right, playing a similar sound that ensures this will be one of most heavy-hitting parties of WMC.

Tuesday, March 25th:

wmc 2

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Can’t-miss sets: Chiam, Balcazar & Sordo, Nitin, and Davi

Spread over 15 hours, the Faceless Recordings Showcase is not one to sleep on. With heavy-hitters like Chiam, Blacazar & Sordo, and Nitin, this party is sure to be super dark. There’s just something about those sunrise sets in Miami that create a mystical aura in the early morning hours overlooking the Miami skyline. Faceless Recordings have had some awesome releases lately, so expect some demos and exclusives that you won’t hear anywhere else!

Wednesday, March 26th:

WMC fly

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Can’t-miss sets: Bill Patrick vs. Konrad Black, Lee Burridge, Guti (Live), Blond:ish, and Audiofly

Taking place in the astounding Villa 221 gardens, Link/Miami Rebels’ Flying Circus is sure to encompass everything that is WMC; great music, great people, and an incredible venus full of palm trees and sunshine. Bill Patrick vs. Konrad Black proves to be my most anticipated set of WMC, with both crate-diggers battling it out between each other to play songs that you will surely never hear again.

Thursday, March 27th:

WMC paradise

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Can’t-miss sets: Jamie Jones B2B Dyed Soundorom, Jamie Jones B2B Seth Troxler, Greg Pidcock, and wAFF.

Call me a Hot Creations fan-boy, but this party had hands-down the best music of WMC last year. Showcasing all of the upcoming releases for 2014, you’re guaranteed to hear tracks that won’t see the light of day for another year (i.e. Tom Shorterz‘ remix of “Reverse Skydiving” that destroyed the outdoor terrace right at sunrise last year). The venue is truly paradise for any deep house listener, with an outdoor stage set under a canopy of palm trees, an indoor stage that fully encompasses that Chicago/New York warehouse vibe, and a “trip den” stage removed of bass and full of Greg Pidcock‘s phenomenal art installments to take a breather at. One of my most anticipated set for the whole weekend is Jamie Jones B2B Dyed Soundorom, which is sure to showcase some forgotten 90’s classics as the two playfully try to outdo each other in “tech knowledge.”

Friday, March 28th:

WMC crew

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Can’t miss sets: No Regular Play (Live), Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, and Pillowtalk (Live).

The Crew Love parties are simply fun in every way. Whenever I am lucky enough to attend one, there are always tons of smiles and high-fives throughout, highlighting the gregarious nature of the founders (Soul Clap and Wolf & Lamb). Soul Clap has a special place in my heart due to their being from my hometown, Boston, but these events consistently receive some of the most positive feedback due to the fun environment that Crew Love strives to create. As they aptly put it themselves, “we see DJs, trumpet players, crooners, and merry pranksters… It is truly spectacular!”

WMC enter

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Can’t miss sets: Matador (Live), Tale of Us, and Apollonia.

I was completely torn between these two events, and still am unsure which one I’m going to commit to, but Richie Hawtin‘s ENTER.Miami has one of the most intriguing lineups of the weekend. Matador (Live) is in my top 5 acts to see, as his minimal techno sound is extremely unique. Tale of Us is sure to tell a story through their music, crafting the energy in such a way that only extremely empathetic DJs are able to. Adam Beyer‘s B2B set with Ida Engberg also proves to be one of the better sets of the weekend, showcasing that signature Drumcode sound throughout. Not to mention, the famous ENTER sake bar will be offering up some of the smoothest rice-based alcohol on the market!

Saturday, March 29th:

WMC get lost


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Can’t-miss sets: Infinity Ink (Live), Craig Richards, Robert James B2B Mark Jenkyns, and Damian Lazarus.

Honestly, I’ve been to a lot of events in my day, but NONE have been a better party than last year’s Get Lost at the Ice Palace. Lazarus strives to create an atmosphere where there are no boundaries between the audience and the DJs, inherently establishing a surreal sense of personal attachment to the event. For the first time in it’s 9 years, Get Lost will be a 24 hour party (starting at 5 A.M. and closing out with the sunrise the following day), generously allowing reentrance as well. With an incredible outdoor stage and two awesome indoor stages, this is an event that I will refuse to miss for the rest of my life! Food will also be available throughout the event, and cabanas are strewn throughout the venue so that you can sit back and rest your legs every now and then.

Sunday, March 30th:

WMC Last

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Must-see sets: Maceo Plex, Solomon, David August (Live), and Huxley

Arguably the best lineup of all of the WMC parties, Last Resort has been the go-to for clubbers on the last day of WMC. Just recently moving over to the Ice Palace West, Last Resort will take place under that iconic canopy of palm trees. With such a massive variety of sounds, this event is sure to appeal to any listener of house music.

Miami G WMC

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Can’t-miss acts: Rob Made, Thee Cool Cats, Re Dupre & Rod B

In it’s inaugural year, the Sleazy G/Pop Art showcase will undoubtably be THE best new party of WMC. Showcasing the launch of Sleazy G’s “Miami G” compilation (which is shaping up to be their best release yet), you can expect to hear a perfect combination of darker deep house and its more energetic G-house cousin. Rob Made will spin one of the better DJ sets throughout WMC, as he really knows how to work a crowd well and is chalk-full of demos that he’s waiting to unleash.

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