If you’re a fan of bass music there’s no doubt you have come across acid-crunk maestro An-Ten-Nae in your musical wonderings throughout the years. He has made done quite the job of making a name for himself in the scene while becomming infamous for bringing party after party to his club 1015 Folsom which is nestled comfortably in the Bay Area. Just before 2013 slipped out the door An-Ten-Nae dropped the curtains on his latest collaborative project with Re | eece, Dimond Saints. It surely seems as if 2014 has laid the carpet for these two talented producers as they have tapped into a great new realm of sound that listeners cannot seem to get enough of. With this project snowballing as quickly as it has we were glad to could catch up with these two before their upcoming slew of live gigs kicked in to gear and they were swept off into a whirlwind of festivals and other shenanigans.

TD: To start things off would you mind introducing yourselves and telling the readers on the other side how Dimond Saints came about?
Dimond Saints: I am  An-Ten-Nae and this is Re|eece, we live down the street from one another in the Dimond District of Oakland. We realized one day that our musical styles and flow works really well with each other.

TD: Since announcing the project at the end of 2013 you guys seemed the have built up a lot of steam behind you, were you surprised by this at all or did you guys know you had tapped into something special with this project?
DS: We felt we had something special in our creations, in which it is its own unique sound. We are actually overwhelmed and thankful at the outpouring of support for our music.

TD: This project is a little different than any of either of your past work, is it exciting to delve into a new world of sound as you guys have been producing more as Dimond Saints?
DS: It is exciting to be working with each other as we both feel it brings on a different edge than any of our solo work does, and we each have a way of pushing the other to keep evolving and take it farther.

TD: Have you guys combined forces at all before diving into the Dimond Saints project or did this is all kind of just fall in to place?
DS: We have messed around a little but never finished anything, just late night sessions. It wasn’t really until December 2013 that we stumbled on that one thing that gave it all that needed spark.

TD: You guys have just put the final touches on the 1st chapter of Shingetsu, was it just a coincidence that it came around at the time of the recent full moon or is there a little more behind that?
Shingetsu stands for New Moon in Japanese, we made our first Dimond Saints song on a full moon, played our first show on the new moon. All the chapters have something to do with the moon, and we try to release everything with the cycles of the Moon.

TD: As for the next two chapters of Shingetsu, are those something we can look to see coming down the pipes this Spring or will you guys leave a fair amount of time between chapters?
Late Spring is when the Second Chapter will come out.

TD: After Shingetsu draws to a close can we look to see more material from Dimond Saints or are you guys adding a little bit of a life line to this project?
We have a lot of official remixes coming out in the next few month as well as unofficial ones. After Shingetsu it is anyones guess where we will go, though there will definitely be a lot more.


TD: So far I haven’t seen you guys make any announcements in regards to live performances, is this something you’re still fine tuning or can we look to see you guys announcing some dates for this upcoming summer season?
We are playing LIB, as well as lots of other summer festivals and shows that we can’t announce yet.. We definitely have been slow in ramping up shows as we perfect our live sound, and finnish some projects in the studios.

TD: Any last words or shout outs you’d like to slide in here before we say goodbye? 
DS: #FollowTheSigns

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