Dallas-based, Booty Fade, is here to get you moving with our newest guest mix.  The locally recognized duo joined forces to bring you electronic music with a vast variety of southern hip-hop influences.  You’re going to have a tough time labeling their sound, so why bother?  It’s just good music with plenty of bounce in it.  In addition check out the brief Q&A with the duo.  So sit back, press play and treat your ears to something new.


1. Booty Fade – It Goes Down
2. Unknown – Shut The Muthafucka Down
3. Choppa – Choppa Style (Instrumental)
4. DJ Assault – Ass N Titties *Slowed
5. TWRK – Nolia
6. Booty Fade – Styrofoam Cup
7. B.o.B. Feat. 2 Chainz – Head Band (Booty Fade Edit)
8. Khia – My Neck, My molly (Booty Fade Edit)
9. Booty Fade – Buss It (One Mo Gin)
10. I Just Wanna F*ck (Booty Fade Edit)
11. Beyonce – Drunk In Love (Fiinesse x Gip x Brenmar Remix)
12. FS Greene – Bewittu
13. Booty Fade – Face Down
14. Durkin – go.na.be
15. Booty Fade – F#$k Like A Stripper
16. 100s – Can A Nigga Hit It
17. Scottie B & King Tutt – African Chant (LunyP Remix)
18. Uproot Andy – La Vida Vale la Pena (Original Mix)
19. Cabo Blanco – Santo Diablo
20. Doughboyz Cashout, Young Jeezy & Pusha T – Pure White

Thanks for allowing us to ask a few questions!  Let’s start with the basics, our readers might not who you are yet, give us your names, where you’re from and how Booty Fade was brought to fruition?
I’m Will a.k.a. DJ Sober, or Sobes. I was born in Fort Worth, TX and reside in and rep. Dallas / DFW. Picnic and I have been friends for years and have both been involved in several local music entities.I’m Picnic, producer, songwriter, artist. I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, TX, two hours north of Dallas. I’ve lived in Dallas since I was 18. I’ve been a part of some stellar musical movements around Dallas from PPT, to A.Dd+ to currently The Cannabinoids and Booty Fade. Sober and I have been friends for years. About a year ago, we were in my studio working on a mixtape of his and he threw out the idea of doing a project and remixing legendary Dallas artists, bringing classic tunes back to life with fresh production. I loved the idea, thus Booty Fade was born.
Where did the name Booty Fade come from?  I’m digging it, but behind every good name is a good story? 
 Picnic: In Dallas, a “booty” is a popular haircut. When Sober and I were in the beginning stages of Booty Fade, we knew we wanted to make club/booty music. So we took the concept of the haircut and merged it with the style of music we wanted to make to get Booty Fade.
Being Dallas natives you’re only a skip away from the annual SXSW festival; did you go this year?  Perform?  Any good stories?
Sober: We were both at SXSW this year. We had two gigs as Booty Fade for Okayfuture and BKLYN1834, and we also had solo stuff going on. This year was pretty crazy. I had 7 gigs, including the Red Bull Sound Select show with Earl Sweatshirt and the Audible Treats Showcase with Black Milk. One pretty amazing experience for me was joining our publicist for a stop by the “Hiero house,” where the Hieroglyphics crew was staying during SX. I’ve been listening to these guys since ’93, seen them perform many times, and have also performed with them, but it was cool to hang out with them in a different setting, their temporary backyard, just shooting to breeze. Picnic also had a gig as The Cannabinoids with Erykah Badu at the Fader Fort.
Your debut self-titled EP just dropped a few weeks ago, how’s the response been so far? 
Sober: The response to our debut EP has been very positive thus far. The release party with Dallas rap legend Tum Tum and our homie Durkin from Boston was crazy! (Pics: http://tmblr.co/ZtA_rs19lBKBw) The house was packed and the vibe was just as rowdy as the EP. The response online has been good as well. I’ve been getting a lot of texts from other Djs in other cities like, “I just dropped ‘Face Down’ in the club and it went off!” That’s a good feeling, especially since the tracks on the EP were made for the club.
Anyone that’s been dialed into the scene these last few years will easily hear a number of different styles and sounds on your EP.  It’s refreshing, you guys made each track different and I never knew what to expect, I want to know who some of your big influences are?
Sober: Picnic and I are both huge music nerds. It just wouldn’t seem right to stay at one tempo throughout the whole EP. I think Booty Fade has a sound, but we have to move around and explore new sounds. We are influenced by some of the bigger regional club movements – New Orleans Bounce, Baltimore Club, D-Town Boogie etc.
Who are other artists you’re close with that are making the Dallas scene jump off right now?  Any particular weekly/monthly parties that are a must?
Picnic: I’m constantly in the lab with the guys out here on the scene. Working on a few secret projects, but our friends -topic, The Outfit, Sudie, Blue the Misfit, MgaCzar, Sam Lao and others are really making a splash out here. We’ve got a solid scene. That’s not just talk, either. We’ve been to a lot of cities and have experienced their scenes and our scene is quietly a lot more poppin’. Sober also has a Thursday night weekly that I host at The Travis Basement.  It’s always stacked with people.
Outside of producing and performing as Booty Fade what are you two involved with?  Any artistic side-projects or weird hobbies?
Sober: Besides Booty Fade and my solo DJ career, I am also a visual artist. I do illustration. If you follow me on any of my social networking fronts, you’ve probably seen some of the flyers I’ve designed. I’m also working on a zine. You can check out more of that project on my second IG acct: sayitaintsouthern.Picnic:  Aside from Booty Fade, I’m working on my solo album called “Sea Monsters,” and I’m hella excited about it. I’m mostly singing on that joint and produced most of it myself. I am also the biggest closet WWE fan… love that shit!
What are Booty Fade’s plans for summer and the rest of 2014?  Summer festivals, collabs, more releases?  We’re excited to hear what’s next!
Picnic: More remixes and dabbling in production. Look for a Durkin x Booty Fade production on Sea Monsters. We have some solid opportunities in the coming months as well, including an interview with DJ Still Life on EVR Radio on April 24, and a show in Pittsburgh at Round Corner Cantina on April 25.  At some point this year, we’ll be piecing together the follow-up to our debut. It’s gonna have a much different sounds though. We don’t wanna do the same thing twice.
Thanks for talking with us!  Any last minute shout-outs, advice, random thoughts, confessions?
Sober: I just want to thank everyone who supports us! Huge S/O to all the Dallas artists we sampled on the EP as well as Dayta, Durkin, Mr. Rogers, Bladerunners, Bombón, Select, Lily Vanilli, Okayfuture, Gorilla Vs. Bear, Erykah Badu, Canabinoids, Beezy, Lil Bot and anyone else I forgot.
Picnic: I wanna shout out my mom and everybody who knows me. I also wanna say what’s up to lil TeeTee, Shawanda, Bobo, Persious, Yung Tilt, Onion, Stuffy DooDoo, Shinin Cooper and Rosalinda… Oh, and my girl FeeFee. I love you.

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