[Link to press conference stream will be posted when live]

Yes, you read correct! You are about the have the chance to chat up some of the talented artists that will be gracing the stage this weekend in Denver for this years Snowball Music Festival. With a massive line up to choose from it might be hard to guess who might be hopping in front of the camera to follow up on last weeks chat with Paul Basic, but the wait is now over. You are tuned in to Souls In Action’s live stream channel so don’t hesitate to tweet in a question or two, your voice will be heard! Tonight we have a local Denver crew that has been making some serious waves over the past year. Enough of us, tune in to pick the brains of Option4, Keepers, and Need & Necessity for tonights live press conference.

Tweet your questions to: @optionfore, @NeednNecessity, and @keepersdjs

Check out last week’s live press conference with Paul Basic below:


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