We have been a little quite on the exclusive front this week so we thought why not spice up your Friday by bringing you a brand new special download. “Where the Road Ends” comes to us from Deep City Culture, a San Francisco trio made up of Augy (Auganism), Issam (OrkidZ) and Ryan (MyPetMonster.). With their new EP “Nomadic Chromatic” debuting next week via MalLabel Music we managed to get our hands on a special early download to float your way. This triad of talented producers have quite the knack for blending their sounds into a unique and wild auditory experience that is sure to leave some of you hooked. Bringing in vibes that take us from the Middle East to the far reaches of the cosmos it’s no wonder this crew is quickly making a name for themselves in the Bay Area. “Where the Road Ends” should give each and every one of you a great idea of the styles they have worked into this captivating five track release.

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