koan sound

KOAN Sound’s newest release, Dynasty, came out last week – and honestly, I’ve been way too lost in it all week to write about it. These four songs rose to the top of the “most played” list on my iPod at an astronomical rate. KOAN Sound is known for his musical versatility, with releases covering every end of the musical spectrum. Even following the gorgeous Sanctuary EP with Asa, Dynasty is somehow shocking (in the best possible way). It is transformative and transcendent, indescribable by genre conventions. This EP truly cannot be captured in words. From the glitchy, laid back “7th Dimension” funk, to “Lost In Thought”, the EP’s serene conclusion, Dynasty is a coherent, fluid work of auditory art that is at once funky, dirty, calming, and soul-shaking. Recommended for fans of bass music, Avicii, glitch hop, deep house, and that one song you heard on the radio last week that’s still stuck in your head, this EP is best enjoyed on repeat. You can listen to the full Dynasty EP right here, so press play and relax – KOAN Sound has composed a journey through unchartered sonic dimensions, and you’re along for the ride.

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