boxed off patrick topping

Patrick Topping continues to prove why he’s my favorite new producer on the scene, relentlessly releasing bass-driven deep house tracks that will universally destroy dance floors. Hot off the heels of his impressive “Get Beasty” EP, also on Hot Creations, Topping once again provides three absolute bombs on his “Boxed Off” EP out today.

Starting things off with my favorite track from the EP, “Forget,” Topping utilizes a unique synth before unleashing a powerful bass line that will floor you. Championed by the entire Hot Creations crew, what really makes this song next-level for me is the playful, yet eerie vocal sample that fully works its way into the track at around the half-way mark. This track is definitely my new go-to peak set song and will be in my bag for years to come. Next up is the title track, “Boxed Off,” which starts off with minimalist, dreamy synths before that signature and inevitable Topping rolling bass line drops in. “Boxed Off” has a little more of a break-beats feel to it, keeping things funky and deep throughout. The final song of the EP, “Schwicked,” is a driving techno track with a piercing high that will surely fill the dance floor. “Schwicked” encompasses the Detroit techno feel while simultaneously keeping things light enough to be enjoyed by non-tech-heads alike.

Throughout the EP, Topping is able to bridge the gap between those dark after-hours vibes and that sun-bathed beach side feel. With recent releases on Defected, VIVa Music, and of course, the mighty Hot Creations, Patrick Topping is right on the brink of becoming a household name. Expect massive waves to be made by this young producer in the coming years, and be sure to follow his Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud page for constant updates.

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