Looking to start the day off with a bang? Well you’re in the right place if that’s the case. Our buddies out on the West side of things The OriGinALz have just cooked up a bangin’ new mix for you guys that is sure to have your mouths watering in seconds. The “Elevate Summer Mix” is rank with The OriGinALz own special style that is sure to leave some of you lost in a melodic haze of blissful rippling bass. If you have yet to have your eardrums tantalized by the stellar production skills of Michael Rivera and Troy Prokopowich this mix will be the perfect introduction. Recored live with Serato this mix comes in with a mind numbing tracklist. With only four of the tracks having been released previously we are dealt 19 brand spanking new unreleased tunes that range from oringals, to collaborations with Knight Riderz, Bleep Bloop, LabRat, PanoramaBeats, and DownSquareZ. As if that wasn’t enough, we also have official remixes for FreQ Nasty, Stylust Beats, and Selby worked in there too!



1 – The OriGinALz – Elevate (unreleased)
2 – The OriGinALz – Metamorphosis (unreleased)
3 – The OriGinALz – Bitch Be Down (unreleased)
4 – The OriGinALz – Cosmic Kush (unreleased)
5 – The OriGinALz – Holla
6 – SELBY – Keep Makin Moves (The OriGinALz Remix)
7 – Bleep Bloop & The OriGinALz – De Fifer (unreleased)
8 – The OriGinALz – Leopard Print (unreleased) Forthcoming on 710 Records!!!!!
9 – The OriGinALz – Lip Gloss (unreleased)
10 – FreQ Nasty – WHY? (The OriGinALz Remix) V.I.P. (unreleased)
11 – SBTRKT – Wildfire ft. JENi (The OriGinALz Remix)
12 – Blood Hound Gang – The Bad Touch (The OriGinALz Remix) (unreleased)
13 – The OriGinALz – Amethyst (unreleased)
14 – The OriGinALz – Take It Back (unreleased)
15 – The OriGinALz – I Don’t Worry (unreleased)
16 – Knight Riderz, The OriGinALz & PanoramaBeats ft. Steeze – Our Sound (Love Frequency) (unreleased)
17 – The OriGinALz – U The Finest Thang
18 – Stylust Beats ft. Emotionz – Maybe I’m Dreamin (The OriGinALz Remix) (unreleased)
19 – The OriGinALz – Make It Hot (unreleased)
20 – The OriGinALz – Down For (unreleased)
21 – The OriGinALz – Brownies (unreleased)
22 – DownSquareZ, LabRat & The OriGinALz – Untitled (unreleased)
23 – The OriGinALz – Knees Deep (unreleased)

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