sound remedy

Lana Del Rey remixes have permeated the Internet, mixes, and live sets ever since… well, Lana Del Rey. They’re my not-so-guilty pleasure – and luckily, Sound Remedy feels the same way. “Young and Beautiful” is super-charged by the producer’s signature style of melodic bass music: this trap remix does more than justice to the original song’s cinematic quality. The track’s dreamy synths and deep rhythmic bass are reminiscent of Sound Remedy’s gorgeous remix of “Video Games”, but this is an uplifting party track (think Jay Gatsby’s parties re-imagined as a rave). If you sighed when you saw this – “another Lana Del Rey remix?” – you best hit play below (and grab the free download!) and let Sound Remedy remind you why you listened to so many of ‘em in the first place.

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