Only a few years back I noticed that Will Bailey began producing under the moniker Low Steppa.  I took that opportunity to follow his channels and was surprisingly delighted to hear the new sound he was focusing on.  It was a bit different than anything at the moment–  house music that wasn’t afraid of big basslines.  Now, a few years later, Low Steppa is cranking out tunes left and right and is showing no sign of slowing down.  Sit back, press play on our newest guest mix and read our brief Q&A below!


 Tell us a little about yourself, we know that you’ve held a number of different names over the past few years, but how did you arrive at Low Steppa and when did this project take precedence over the previous ones?

Well inbetween all my US dates when I was home in the UK Id hear the bassline and house vibes in Birmingham where I’m from and always loved that kind of stuff.  I actually started off playing house in 1999, and so I started to make some stuff as Low Steppa about 4 years ago. It was just a bit of fun and then about a year and a half ago it turned into more than that and it became all I wanted to make and now its totally my main focus.

You started your own label, Simma Black, how does this benefit your own growth and who are the artists on your label that you see doing big things?

Well I think its a always a good thing to have your own label, especially when your sound is a bit more unique as you have that outlet for your music when it maybe doesn’t quite fit with what other labels are looking for.  Again, Simma Black was started as a side project but now its gaining a lot of momentum and I have lots of messages saying its people’s favorite label which is always great to hear! I think Reset Safari and Marc Spence will both go on to do big things for sure. We’ve also recently signed releases from established artits like Hostage and Golf Clap too which is awesome.

Who are some current artists that inspire you, and if you could collaborate on a project with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Im really into guys like Sidney Charles, Martin Ikin, Hector Couto but a lot of my inspiration goes way further back than that. Its drawn from all sorts such as old garage, jungle and soulful house. I’d love to work with Grant Nelson, a big inspiration to me and smashed it for years along with guys like MAW, people I’ve followed for a long time basically.

Right now, which tracks from your sets are getting the crowd moving?

Well, I tend to play a lot of my own stuff these days. My remixes of Route 94 “My Love,” and Second City “I Wanna Feel,” always go down well along with my track “Systems”. I also love to drop house vibes like Sidney Charles, his remix of a track called “Simplon” is a big favorite of mine at the moment.

You’ve toured around the world, under different names, but what is one thing you’ve taken away from touring as Low Steppa?  Is it different in any way, more fulfilling?

I think its actually a lot more special to me than anything I’ve done in the past because it really does represent my passion for the music and what I believe in and I’ve never enjoyed playing my own stuff as much as do at the moment, it really is a great feeling.

When you’re touring, what’re the essentials.  What must come with you to each and every show?  Anything strange or unexpected?

Headphones, USB sticks, picture of the family, ipad, macbook, korg nano so I jam some riffs on the road, my studio headphones and obviously my travel plus so I can power all this stuff!  I always travel with a few movies too, Rambo, Predator, Boogie Nights, The Thing, American Gangster are some of the faves!

What’s next for Low Steppa?  Touring, releases, collabs in the works?

My next release is an EP with Reset Safari forthcoming on my label Simma Black.  I’ve also got a couples releases coming out on Spinnin’ this summer with vocals from Natalie Wood & OFF Recordings this summer. Maybe some USA dates coming soon too. Lots of music and gigs thats for sure!

Thanks for talking with us Low Steppa!  Any last words and shout outs?

Thank you, guys! Yeah big shouts to all the people that support the music and thank you for all the messages I get and thank you to everyone that comes to see me play. A big shout to my management team as well!


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