This is only the tip of the ice berg folks. With Emissions West Coast Bass Culture only weeks away we are happy to bring you guys a special artist spotlight series to stoke excitement around the event. Over the next couple of weeks we will be picking the brains of a handful of the talented artists that will be gracing the stage May 16-19th. Today we are kicking things off with our buddy Bleep Bloop, be sure to keep your eyes peeled as to who else will be stopping by!


This spotlight has been a long timing coming, how’s the day treating you so far?

Hey, hey. The day is going quite well so far. Getting ready for this show with Cashmere Cat in San Francisco, which I suppose will have already happened when this comes out.

We at The Dankles know you are coming to us from another dimension but would you mind briefly saying hello to the readers out there?

Haha I’m taking the trans-dimensional comment as a compliment. I’ve got love for The Dankles as they supported me from the get go. Much respect to all the readers/listeners out there and to anyone that is passionate about music.

How have things been in the world of Bleep Bloop so far in 2014?

2014 is treating me very well. I’ve been having a lot of fun making music (as always) and I have been able to travel around a little bit to play it for some new people. Hopefully I am going to continue to keep spreading the tunes to new places. I’m very excited about the new tunes I’ve been making, including all these ones from my forthcoming LP on Sound Plexus. I also have collabs taking form with DJ Shadow, Patrick Sexx, G Jones, Conrank, and The Originalz, so there will be a lot of music to look forward to.

You bring a very unique melding of sounds to the table, where do you draw some of your influences from when you sit down to dive in to new material?

Oh man. I pull inspiration from all over. Sometimes the inspiration comes from other music. Some of my favorites are people like Tom Waits and Sun Ra. As far as electronic music goes, I’m constantly inspired by a lot of my peers. Folks like Patrick Sexx, G Jones, Yheti, Trevor Kelly, Runaway, Conrank, Doshy, and the Originalz, the list really goes on and on. Other times the inspiration comes from maybe a piece of art, or a poem,  sometimes simply from looking at the sky.

A great example of this off-kilter style you have begun to develop is your latest track you debuted with Starkey and Patrick Sexx “Duality of Man”, is it one of your goals to keep listeners on their toes by continuing to flip the script on them?

Definitely. I always love the unexpected stuff. Whenever I find a spot in a song where something predictable could happen I try to insert a cool, semi original idea.

We have seen a good deal of collaborative work from you this year, are you always reaching out to work with other producers or is this a new development in your production?

Collaboration is a big part of what I do and it always has been. I came up playing in bands so you are always collaborating there. I initially got into producing because I could do it all by myself, but nothing compares to when you are vibing in the studio with someone and it is just flowing.

Just like the other artists getting a moment in the spotlight throughout this series you will be headed out to Emissions West Coast Bass Culture, will this be your first year out in Belden? If not, how were the past years?

I’ve been out to emissions a few times before. Its a wonderful spot for a party. Right there on the river in the forest. And you can get as loud as you want. Definitely gonna be a good one.

Will Emissions be the kick off to a busy summer of gigs and touring for you?

It will not sadly. I don’t really have any gigs lined up after Emissions. I do have a busy summer of production ahead of me with lots of upcoming projects that are still secret. But not so much gigs. But I want to come play. I would love to come play in any city. Send booking inquiries to bookbleepbloop@hotmail.com

Any final shout’s you’d like to slide in for some special people out there on the other side?

Sun Ra says YO
On the real, shout outs to everyone that supports me and continues to support me especially my loved ones and my Sound Plexus crew.


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