We thought you guys might be hankering for another exclusive mix after Low Steppa brought the heat earlier this week, so naturally we have a brand new one to bring you guys this evening. Rather than hopping back across the Atlantic to bring you a mix from an on the rise American producer we jumped over to Paris, France to bring you guys something a little more special. Twenty9 has been making quite the stir on the web recently so we wanted to get in touch with this crafty up and coming producer to see if he could whip you guys up a special mix to work into this little Q&A.


You’re a fairly new face to the game; can you introduce yourself real quick and tell everyone where are you tuning in from today?

My name is William aka Twenty9, I’m 20 years old. I live in the suburb of Paris and I’m a producer/DJ.

Has music always been a passion of yours or is this something new you are just getting in to?

Well, when I was a child my parents used to listen to many kinds of music! I heard everything even though there was a dominance of soul, rap and reggae music. Then I began to watch a lot of clips on MTV Base when I was about 8. I think this TV channel built my musical gust for real. I’ve always wanted to make music on my own but I only began when I was 16 with a friend of mine, a rapper whose name is Lunikar. His brother was a beatmaker and got him in the game, so I used to spend hours with him to try to make some cool stuff on Logic. But I only began to work on my own when I bought my first hardware almost 2 years ago. I was much more at ease with an hardware than with my mouse and my keyboard.

So far we have seen everything from downtempo beats to trunk knocking bass in your releases, are you still trying to find a sound for yourself or do you just like to change things up?

That’s a good question ! You know at the beginning I thought it would be difficult for me to find a sound for myself. But I realized that I just make music according to my feelings. I can’t always make the same stuff, maybe I like too many genres to choose only one.

Being that you are based in Paris, do you find it crazy that people all the way around the world are taping in to your tracks via SoundCloud?

It’s awesome ! I often check my Soundcloud stats to know from where people are tuning in. What is crazy is that US listen a lot more than France and there are so many countries I would never have thought they would play my tracks.

When I first reached out about this mix you made it seem like you were just figuring out this whole DJing aspect of things, is it safe to say this is the first mix you are comfortable releasing to the public?

You know it doesn’t disturb me to say I’m a new DJ. Making music is my passion, I learned how to improve my skills pretty fast and it was unthinkable for me not to mix. I want to share the sounds I like and those I make with people.

Are there a lot of people in the Parisian music scene that enjoy the beats you have been churning out so far?

I know some good rappers who tell me my beats are dope, but maybe they’re too selfish to share what they like I don’t know. Hopefully I met nice people like Myth Syzer who doesn’t hesitate to play my beats in his sets and share what I do, s/o to him!

Have you had many opportunities to DJ in a live setting yet or is this something you look to do more of as the year rolls along?

I’ve had some opportunities but I wanted to be ready for that. I’ve worked hard to learn the things I had to learn, now I’m in a hurry to do a lot of gigs!

We have seen a few original productions of yours along with remixes surface on your SoundCloud throughout the months, can we look to see a release in the form of something more structured or do you release the music as you make it?

Given that I had much work at school I used to release the music as I made it but things are going to change soon, at the end of my bachelor degree; so I’d like to focus on an EP asap.

Aside from producing beats what are a few other things you enjoy doing with your free time?

Chilling with my friends, spending time with my girlfriend, pretty common things I guess !

Are there any last words you would like to slide in here to some friends or fans on the other side?

I’d like to do a big s/o to everyone who supports or has supported me ! And especially to ILLNGHT, this guy taught me a lot.

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