Just like we promised earlier this week, we are back with another artist spotlight for Emissions 2014! The other day we gave Bleep Bloop the spotlight for a bit as we chatted him up about the event and all other things happening over in his world. Today The Widdler is in the hot seat so it’s about time you see what he has up his sleeves for the next few months!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today, how has your week been rolling along thus far?

This week has been great! The weather is getting really warm and breezy, the breakfast tacos are on point, and I got to watch Kahn play a full vinyl set 4 feet away from me!

By now it’s safe to say you’re a seasoned producer in the scene, has it been interesting to see things change throughout the years as the ear of the public has transformed?

Yes it has been quite interesting and one thing I have been noticing lately is that “older” (2007-2010) hits and dubs that most new fans to the scene wouldn’t know of go off just as hard as some of the newer stuff does and is refreshing.

You seem to have a real knack for churning out gut wrenching dub tracks, have you ever attempted to take your sound in a different direction or is there something about that knocking bass you can’t get enough of?

Under the moniker The Widdler I have become known for a certain flavor of sound as it’s what got me started so for the most part I stick to it, not because its easy or its a formula, but because I feel the sound and it has always been my favorite to produce and listen to loudly. However, I have been making all types of other music for just as long. It’s mostly for personal enjoyment as all my main effort goes towards further advancing The Widdler. All that being said, I will enjoy seeing how far off “the path” the widdler can go in the future.

A few months back we saw the release of “Spacetime” on OWSLA, can we look to see any new material from you before the summer kicks off?

Yes! A wonkyfutureysteppy release on MalLabel called “Ogo” coming soon and a featured remix on the Dubamine EP due out this may

One thing I feel like we don’t see from you very often is collaborative production, is this something that’s slipping by our radar or do you simply find solo production to be more lucrative?

I think it’s a combination of a few things. Starting off in production in Jr HighSchool nobody around me was really making electronic music or recording music on their own (maybe I was too weird to be invited) so I got used to working alone. Long distance communication of files/music has never really been my thing, I like being in a room with the person making music with me. Being a Reason user used to be a slightly rarer occurance than it even is now so that has kept me from being able to collab with non reason users (until reason 6-7). The future has a lot of collab potential though, both in person and via internet.

With the festival season getting into gear are you set up to have a busy summer of shows ahead of you?

It can always be busier but I am always up for the “Quality over Quantity” saying. I am blessed enough to be invited to some great shows with amazing people and that is enough to keep more than happy!

One stop you will be making is out in California at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture, is there any noticeable difference in the crowd when you drop a set out West vs. somewhere back East?

I think the big difference is usually that out west it is outdoors and on the east coast its bars/warehouses/clubs so the atmosphere is different. Being out west allows me to play more heady sets and earthy vibes while being out east I’d limit my bongo/flute/chant tunes.

That’s about all we have on our end, do you have any last words you’d like to slide in here for everyone else out there?

Nothing other than thanks for tuning in to my sounds , there are many more coming!

I appreciate you taking the time to ask me some contemplative questions and I greatly look forward to these summer gigs :]


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