Don’t worry folks there’s even more where this one’s coming from! We are still sitting on a handful of tasty artist spotlights to bring you over the course of next week so be sure to stay on your toes. We will be bringing you Q&A’s from artists on both ends of the spectrum, do you guys have any idea who might be stopping by next? Today we are picking the brain of Perkulat0r, rather that introduce him ourselves we will turn things over to him to take things away.


How has the universe been treating you lately?

Things have been awesome lately. My debut EP came out a month ago and the support and feedback has been absolutely unreal. The whole thing has been extremely inspiring. Lately I’ve just been locked in the studio putting a lot of that inspiration to use, finishing up all these new tunes before leaving for this upcoming run of shows.

Can you briefly introduce yourself to all of those new ears out there?

My name is Ben, I’m from Vancouver, BC and I produce music under the name Perkulat0r. I’ve been producing music for about 3 years now and just started releasing tunes around summer of last year. Around the same time I entered a remix contest put on by the producer Minnesota, and ended up having the winning remix! This led to much exposure, got me connected with Gravitas Recordings and also landed me a slot playing at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture this year.

We recently saw your release “Trancension” debut on Gravitas Recordings, was this your first time coordinating a release with them?

This was my first release with Gravitas and also my debut EP. I was very fortunate to connect with them through Minnesota’s remix contest that they helped organize. Soon after Minnesota’s remix EP was released Jesse hit me up to see if I was interested in releasing an EP with them, and I instantly got to work on the album over the next few months.

You come to us with a spacey ethereal sound you are quickly making your own, who are a few producers you pull inspiration from when you sit down to produce?

Some producers who have inspired me immensely are Bassnectar, Tipper, Minnesota, G Jones and Gladkill among many others. Lately I’ve been really influenced by producers such as Flume, Mr. Carmack, AWE and Ganz.

On “Trancension” you feature a track with fellow Canadians Wet Paint, can we look to see more collaborative work coming down the pipes with other producers throughout the year?

I’ve got some awesome collaborations in the works right now. Currently wrapping up a new Jay-Z remix with The OriGinALz, as well as new tunes with Elevated Mind, Moontricks, and remixes for Soulular and Intellitard. Also I’m incredibly honored to be doing a remix for ill-esha, which will be on her upcoming remix EP with Gravitas. The track “Crushmode” on my EP was actually a collab with a different producer, similarly named WET PAiNT, who is based out of Arkansas. This was actually his last release as WET PAiNT and he will now be producing as Dalton Richmond. Dalton and I have several new tunes in the works as well!


In just a few weeks you will be taking the stage at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture, will this be your first trip down to Belden to party with everyone? Anything in particular you’re looking forward to?

This will be my first trip down to Belden and I couldn’t be more stoked! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Emissions and the Camp Questionmark crew. Besides having the opportunity to see a ton of my favorite acts, I’m really looking forward to finally crossing paths with all the people in the scene I’ve been networking with over the past year.

Are you cruising back to Vancouver after Emissions or will you be hanging around to play a few more gigs as the summer gets in to gear?

I’m actually going to be kicking it in California for the month after Emissions, playing shows up and down the coast with Intellitard from Oakland! Hit up my Facebook page for more details on the tour.

I think that about does it for us, do you have any final words you’d like to slide in here?

Much love to The Dankles, Emissions, Camp Q Mark and everyone else for supporting the music!! Lookout for my new mix “Dilation” dropping next week featuring a ton of brand new tunes and collabs!

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