This week we are coming at you with another hefty helping of special artist features to familiarize some of you with all of the talent soon to be invading northern California for a weekend of partying at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture. If you stay tuned later today we will be dropping the curtains on another special Emissions treat that might help coerce some of you that are ready to take a last minute trip! Kicking off our Emissions artist spotlight for the week we have Starkey and Dev79 here before they bring you guys a banging tagteam set next weekend.

So you guys are no strangers over here at The Dankles, how has the springtime been treating you so far?
Starkey: Things are cool.  I’ve been busy writing music.  Looking forward to spending some time outside as well.  This winter has been brutal in Philly.
Dev79: Spring weather has just started to get nice out here. I’ve been into eatin lunch and smoking blunts in my backyard, nice to be able to go outside and take a break from biz/studio work.
Just a few weeks ago you came through Denver, have you still been hitting the road for gigs or have you found your way back east by now?
S:  I had another thing last week, but that was also a one-off fly in and fly out kind of thing.  So I’ve been at home.
D: I’ve been in NY kinda frequently but mostly in Philly locked up in the studio working on tracks and handling label biz.
You guys have been making a real impact bringing the street bass sound all around the country, have you been pleased with the way everyone seems to be accepting what you’re doing?
S:  The whole ‘Street Bass’ idea kind of came from a place where we just wanted to come up with a name for the kind of sets that we would play at our monthly club nights and the sound we were bringing with a lot of our productions.  It started at a time when you would just see like 10 genres listed on flyers for clubs and it was kind of hilarious to us.  So we just decided to sum up what we did with one phrase that wasn’t necessarily a genre, but just an attitude or approach I guess.  I think the most interesting thing for us is when we started seeing ‘street bass’ getting used by other people around the globe.
D: Yea def pleased with people accepting and being into it. When we first started with the style it was far less common to crossover urban and electronic styles, but now it is very common for that cross pollination to occur. But even with it being a more popular concept now, I still feel that we maintain a unique lane and vibe that defines us.
This unique combination of genres is something you two have been on the forefront of for a while now, how did your street bass sound originate in the first place?
S: I think I kind of answered that in the last question, but I think the origins of this mash up approach for us came from when we started throwing this grime night in Philly back in the day when it was really difficult to even get music to play.  We’d be ordering records from the UK and playing whatever mp3’s we could get our hands on or get from producers and DJ’s.  So to fill the gaps, we would mix in things like hiphop, dancehall, early dubstep, …whatever kind of fit with the grime stuff we were playing.
D: Basically what PJ said plus I feel that cities like Philly and NYC were at the origins of DJ’ing and the origins of hip hop. The collective DJ style of NY and Philly has always been on a ‘mash up’ type of tip way before anyone called it that. Making a variety of styles and tempos work and making them speak a unique angle is the goal. We were influenced by that whether we were cognizant of it or not, except the flavors we were bringing to the table were different than everyone else. Taking foundation aesthetics and rockin’ fresh modern genres like grime and juke, etc.
I may have gotten too deep on that answer haha
How did the two of you come about partnering up to take over the street bass game?
S:  I don’t know if we really took it over …because we invented it.  haha.  But we originally started working together in Philly because we found out that we were both into the same kind of music and were producing stuff, doing live sets, DJ’ing, all that.  We just started hanging out and Gair asked me to get involved with Seclusiasis and the radio show he was doing.  The rest just evolved from there.
In just a week you will both be making the trip to Emissions West Coast Bass Culture to throw down your first West Coast Street Bass set, are we going to be looking forward to a party or what guys?
S:  Yeah it’s going to be sick.  The lineup for the festival is great.  It’s awesome to see so many artists that we’ve worked with on our labels, Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey on the lineup as well.
D: Yesss, the lineup is pure bonkers! Super looking forward to it and we’re gonna rock a special 2 hour set of full throttle action!
Being that this is the first west coast street bass set when can we look to see the first international set?
S: I mean… back when we started Slit Jockey we did play a show together in Montreal.  That was like 2005…. so technically that would have been our first International set.  We’ve been talking about doing more of these tagteam sets because they’re fun.  We did a few in Philly and New York, Jersey, and people were into them.
D: Sure doing some int’l tagteam sets would be cool and thats on the table but not sure if its our next plan specifically. I would like to see some street bass Seclusiasis/Slit Jockey curated stages/events at festivals. Thats something we’d like to have come together in the near future.

We’re signing off, any last words for the fans out there on the other side?
S: I guess just thanks for all the support over the years to everyone who has been following the labels.  We’ve got some great things planned for this year… so stay tuned.
D: Be on the lookout for Street Bass Anthems Volume 7 coming this summer, featuring a sick array of international producers giving their take on the sound. Plus a bunch of other dope label releases on deck. Also while I’m plugging stuff – my ‘Boom Boom Down’ EP is dropping on Gold Whistle Records on May 13th and I’m way excited for people to hear it!

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