Our latest Emissions West Coast Bass Culture artist spotlight is live. We are turning the mic over to Buku for a bit to see what this northeasterner has up his sleeves for you guys out west next week!

Lets get the ball rolling by bringing everyone up to speed, where are you coming to us from today?

I just got off of my west coast run of shows, and I’m coming to you from my spot in Brooklyn!  I’ve been staying here for the past few months to get a little taste of NYC life.

You have been making some real waves over the course of the past year, has music always been passion of yours or is it something you kind of fell in to?

Oh yes.  I’ve been a musician since I was 8 years old when I got my first drum kit.  Since then, I’ve been studying music privately and through my school programs, I graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in music technology in 2012.  I always knew I would be doing something in music, and my passion fortunately manifested itself into a career in electronic music.


How did coming up in a city like Pittsburgh shape and mold your sound into what it is today?

In Pittsburgh, I came up through the rave scene.  It honestly kind of fell together- I had been producing music for a while, and started making dance music.  I got introduced to a lot of people in the rave scene, and they enjoyed my music so I decided DJing would be the next step forward.  Since then, I’ve played tons of raves, which turned into bigger shows with bigger acts.  All of this (including experiencing countless other shows) developed my taste as an electronic musician to where I am today.

I’m sure there are a lot of curious fans out there, can you paint us a little picture of a day in the life of Buku?

As of lately, I’ve been on the road a ton.  These days, I typically shoot out of bed at my alarm going off in a hotel somewhere in the country and basically sprint to the next place.  Whether its driving the rental car all over the west coast or catching a flight, I’m basically in “go mode” constantly.  Now that I’m back, I’m getting some rest, sending tons of emails, then hitting the studio to continue to work on a ton of things I have up my sleeve!  Then trying to see as much music as I can while I’m still in New York.

Living in a time where new artists are coming out of the woodwork left and right who are a few up and comers that you think are really about to make a name for themselves this year?

The two cats that distinctively stick out to me right now are TroyBoi and Tincup.  I’ve been absolutely loving everything these two are producing lately.  We’ve been chatting, and all I’ll say is stay tuned!

As you mentioned, you have been tromping all across the US on your Spring Tour, have you embarked on a tour this lengthy before?

This is actually the first tour that I’ve done to this length.  As I mentioned, I just wrapped up the big west coast run, and I had so much fun and such great experiences.  It’s so incredible to go to so many places and receive such love.  There’s plenty more shows to be played, and I can’t wait for the latter half of this tour.  It was also super refreshing to not have to fly in between every show.  It allowed for a much more relaxed travel experience, and I got to enjoy the west coast more than ever.

Whilst on your Spring Tour you will be making a stop to play Emissions West Coast Bass Culture, with such an eclectic lineup is there anyone in particular you are excited to play alongside?

Oh man there’s so much good music and so many friends!  I can’t wait to get groovy with the lengthy list of homies.  But I’m especially excited to see Doshy for the first time.  Been loving dude’s tunes, and can’t wait to see what he does live.

Any final words for the readers out there on the other side?

THANK YOU for all the support and love.  I’m so grateful for all the music lovers, and I can’t wait to continue to give you more music.  Stay tuned and keep doing you.

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