What will you be doing this time next week? If your answer isn’t boogying down at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture in Belden Town, California then you have some serious planning to do over the next few days. With little less than a week before all of you beautiful people make Emissions your temporary home you can certainly feel the excitement in the air. Over the course of the past couple weeks we have brought you select artist spotlights with producers from all reaches of this extensive lineup and today we are bringing you our final spotlight with G Jones. This west coast producer is bringing his unique high energy future bass rhythms to rattle some eardrums next weekend so we hope you’re ready!

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Nice to catch up with you, how has the west coast been treating you lately?

 Just great , having lots of fun

Wanna say hell to everyone else on the other side real quick? 

Hey everyone, my name is Greg, I live in Santa Cruz, California and make beats on my laptop

You have been giving us all sorts of new material this year, is there something you like about continually getting your tunes out there on different music imprints?

I just like to make a lot of music and release a lot of music… as far as labels go, I just like to try to get my music to new ears that might be into my sound, so releasing music on labels that release other music I enjoy is a good way to reach some of those people. For instance, I recently did a bootleg remix of a Wiley track, sent it over to Dev79 and Starkey (who run the stateside grime/street bass labels Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey, and will also be at Emissions), and they liked it so it seemed like a natural fit to put it out for free through them, since they have an international audience of people who are into that kind of grime-fusion stuff. Recently I have just been self-releasing a lot of tunes via sound cloud too, or through blogs (such as XLR8R or RunTheTrap).

We have already been loaded up with an handful of new material so far this year, can we look to see even more coming down the pipes in the next few months?

Yeah absolutely – I have a new EP coming out soon on Saturate Records which I’m really excited about, it has a bunch of my best new tunes and we are also doing a 7″ vinyl release with 3 of the tracks on there. Besides that also going to be dropping a ton of other free music in the coming weeks/months, random free singles and also new collabs and remixes of Great Dane and Nasty Nasty

You are balancing your music career with your education, can this been a tricky balancing act or have you gotten pretty good at prioritizing what comes before the other?

 It has gotten more difficult over the past year or so since I am traveling around to shows more than I was a year or two ago, but I am going to be done in a few weeks so I’m excited to not have to worry about playing shows on weekends and getting to class on weekdays.

With Spring just about upon us and Summer closing in quickly where can we look to catch you in the next few months?

I’m playing a lot of cool festivals I haven’t played before this year, plus a few other random shows this summer that haven’t been announced yet- here is a list of what I have announced so far:



Last year you had the pleasure of throwing down at Emissions West Coast Culture as well, what can someone that has never come out before look to expect down there in a few weeks?

It’s a really amazing festival, it has the tight-knit and “family” vibe of a small festival with the sound of a big festival and hands down one of the most eclectic underground bass music lineups of the summer. I don’t know how to describe the vibe of a Camp Questionmark party, but it is really special and you kind of just have to be there to understand. Expect to hear a lot of cool music you maybe haven’t heard before on a huge sound system on a river in Northern California, and to meet a lot of cool people and also see familiar faces.

Do you have any words you would like to leave everyone with today?

 Hope to see you guys at Emissions !

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