[STREAM] D'Angelo - Spanish Joint (Vestalus Remix)

Every once in awhile, moments come about where you are able to – through searching or perhaps even simply by chance – stumble upon an artist who stands on the very cusp of becoming something great. These moments are rare and extraordinary, where as a listener you feel the excitement of truly delving into waters unknown. A new face we have been seeing this past year is London producer Vestalus, and as his fanbase continues to grow, we can expect nothing but a stellar career ahead.

A few months ago, Vestalus made his first impression through his remix of Bodhi’s “Imperfection,” which was met with critical acclaim and introduced us to his retro and silky smooth sound. Now the producer returns with his sophomore single, a new interpretation of an R&B class from singer D’Angelo that hits a little closer to home. After citing D’Angelo as one of his favorite artists, it is clear as a listener how those early influences have been honed and applied today. Vestalus’ edit of “Spanish Joint” possesses a smoky and jazz infused body and soul that jumps to life through its guitar riffs and bass lines. D’Angelo’s voice hazily croons over the track, slowly lulling you into a groove and feeling as if you’ve been transported into a late night lounge on a dark rainy night. It’s a track that opens up with a high level of sophistication and never falters throughout the way. Vestalus’ edit of “Spanish Joint” is available as a free download, grab it below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for what he has in store.

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