To get some momentum behind things right off the bat this week we are very excited to drop not just one but two bangin’ new exclusives on you today. To get things started with have a brand spanking new tune for you guys from behind the veil of Unknown Artist. This co-release between The Dankles and WERK Records has been a long time coming so we are all very happy for this new gem to see the light of day. If you have come across this mysterious producer before you will no doubt recognize the name, and this is the first time you’re stumbling across him you better remember it.

2 Comments on "[EXCLUSIVE] Unknown Artist – Obsidian"

  1. Absolute excellence. I love this guy I wanna hear more!

  2. Thank You So Much. More tunes and some very special news for those on the east coast this summer… catch Unknown Artist in a city near you.. stay locked in feed your ears and expand your mind.

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