[STREAM] Dawn Golden - All I Want (Diplo Remix)

Few producers have been able to obtain both the musical and cultural impact and influence that Diplo has. The Southern bred producer has more than a few tricks up his sleeve, whether its working under his Jamaican dancehall alias Major Lazer or his Jack U collaboration with Skrillex, running the multi-faceted empire that is now Mad Decent, or producing with countless all star artists such as M.I.A., Beyonce and Snoop Lion. Lest we forget, Diplo also became the face and soundtrack to the twerking movement, encouraging girls all over the world to “Express Yourself.”

In his latest remix however, Diplo seems to have shared a softer side, remixing the track “All I Want” from Los Angeles artist Dexter Tortoriello aka Dawn Golden. The sad and hauntingly romantic lyrics fade in and out through a haze of static as the track slowly builds with lulling guitar riffs. As the chorus hits, the track begins to build in its intensity, finally hitting you with the heart pounding bass that Diplo is known for. It’s an emotional and fascinating new side to Diplo that still maintains those essential elements of his sound and manages to ring true to his nature, and can serve as the perfect festival track for when the sun begins to set. Diplo’s take on “All I Want” is currently available for purchase, so make sure you listen below and grab it here.

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