Looking to stumble across some artists that aren’t anywhere close to being on your radar? Booms and Claps just dropped the curtains on a mind numbing twelve track compilation that is straight up oozing with new talent. On this pay what you want release we are loaded up with everything from spacey bass vibrations, to rump shakin’ beats, and gooey textured soundscapes that are sure to make you ears question what’s being done to them. Many of these artists are just beginning to come out of the woodwork so don’t be surprised if some of these producers are a bit of a mystery to you, just dive on it and see what they have to offer because there is some serious talent tucked in here. If in fact you are headed out to Emissions West Coast Bass Culture this weekend in Northern California then you’re in for a treat because a handful of these crafty fellas have found their way onto the lineup so be on the look out!

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