To kick things off this week we have something very special for you guys that has been in the works over the course of the past few months. Colorado’s very own Soulacybin has been gracious enough to sew us up a lush thirty minute mix to get the energy flowing. The entire mix is rich with textured soundscapes that are sure to carry some of you off and into the cosmos. Since Soulacybin was kind enough to get this together for you guys we decided it would also be a good time to pick his brain and see what he has been up to since our last encounter in Costa Rica at Envision Festival earlier this spring.
Lets get things started off on a more casual note how is the universe treating you today Soulacybin?

  It’s a beautiful spring day in Colorado, the Muses have been graciously generous lately, life is good!

Would you mind briefly introduce yourself to the readers on the other side?

My name is John LaBoone from Denver, CO, and I write and produce music as Soulacybin.

You’re a part of the thriving music scene here in Colorado, do you find that the continually growing scene out here helps you keep the creative juices flowing?

Totally! We are marinating in the creative juices out here! Colorado is very fortunate to have an abundance of talented Artists residing in and traveling through the state.  This high concentration of highly creative people is is extremely inspiring and educational as an Artist. In the Denver area alone we have Cualli, bioLuMigen, kLL sMTH, Omega, Erothyme, Atomic Reactor and so many more, so when going out, it’s pretty common to hear their newest works in progress being played live, or to find yourself deep in nerdy conversation about production and software.  This exchange of information plus the constant exposure to each others’ newest creations and ideas, makes for very fertile soil in which the artistic roots can run deep.

You’re another artists we had the chance to catch down at Envision Festival back in February, was this your first time playing outside of the states?

I’ve played in Canada before, but the forests of B.C. are quite different from the Costa Rican jungle!  It was a true joy to share the music in such a tropical paradise, thanks Team Envision!

Recently you saw the release of your new album “Gratitude” on Merkaba Music, have you been pleased with how the public has been receiving this latest batch of tunes?

Firstly- Many Thanks to Kalya Scintilla and Merkaba Music for releasing the album!  I’ve received so much heart-felt feedback and appreciation from people who are genuinely inspired and moved by the sounds, which is one of my main intentions as a musician.  While I produced and wrote all the music on it, I did receive contributions from Alaya Love (spoken word) and visual artist Kurt Redeker (Knew Conscious/ cover Art), which I feel really helped people connect with the album on other levels aside from just the music.  As receptive as people have been to songs that are now 16-10 months old, I’m extremely excited to share the next album that has been created since the album’s completion!  Oh yea…it’s also really validating artistically and personally to know that all those hours spent in the studio are NOT in vain…thanks for all the support on the album y’all!!!

Many of your tracks possess an otherworldly vibe to them, where do you draw inspiration from when crafting these wild sound scapes?

A lot of times when writing a song , I have an imaginary story or setting in which the sounds exist, which really helps to craft a cohesive story-line through a musical journey.  For example, “Sundari” off “Gratitude” is about a woodland nymph living peacefully in the forest until encountering mechanical, urbanized forces.  After several escape attempts and a monstrous robotic battle at the climax, she is free once again to joyously return to her lush, forest sanctuary.  I find inspiration in nature and the mountains of Colorado, dreams, herbs, etc.  There are also a great deal of crystals in the my studio that I like to have in hand or near by when writing…one of my favorites being a 21 gram chunk of Moldavite…so this may account for some of the other-worldy vibes and sounds.

From the looks of things we haven’t seem much collaborative work from you, is that something we can look to see more of in 2014?

Actually, Mike Rempel (Guitarist for Lotus) and I have written a full length album and are patiently waiting for the time to finish production and look into releasing it.  We are both quite busy with our respective projects and feel it will happen when the time is right.  Of course we do need a name for the project, but we are in no rush at the moment!  As far as other producers go, sometimes it can be difficult to get two studio hermits to come out of their labs and join forces, but I would definitely like to take advantage of the knowledge of all these talented producers living in CO!

Who are a few artists that you’d really like to sit down with in the studio to bust out some new tracks?

kLL sMTH and I have talked about doing some collaboration, so it would be interesting to hear what kinds of sounds those sessions yielded!  I’d really like to work with some vocalists too.  I use a lot of vocal samples- something magical about transmuting this “found” sound of an acapella into an original expression fitting within your new song- so I’d like to approach working in a studio with a vocalist in a way that could allow for future sampling rather than track-specific recording.  If i could sit in the studio with ANY producer and pick their creative brain, it would probably be Ott.

We are dropping the curtains on a brand new mix from you in conjunction with this Q&A, can you tell us a little about what went into putting this together?

This mix showcases some productions from the past few months- “Flow”, “Seraph”, and “Myspherious” were written for the Envision set (keeping in mind they were to be blasted through the Costa Rican jungle over a proper Funktion-1 system) and the two remixes were done this spring.  I wanted to share some results of recent inspirations without revealing my favorite new songs just yet (saving those for the new album!).  The mix mostly wanted to become a smooth journey through 80 BPM and under, that had a cyclical flow from start to finish, finish to start.  Staying slightly on the chill side of Hyper-Chill…

With the summer upon us where can we look to see you over the next few months?

Really looking forward to Kinnection (South Carolina- Rab, Desert Dwellers, Kalya, Kaminanda, Bird of Prey…), Sonic Bloom here in CO in June, Luminosity Gathering in B.C. in July.  More to be announced too so stay tuned…

Do you have any last words to slide in here for your fans out there?

Keep creating your art and expressing your true self, you never know how your truth and honesty impacts those around you.  Simply being ourselves is one of the greatest gifts we have, share it!  Much Love and Blessings to you ALL!

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