beggars in a new land 2
Think About It” is the newest release from emerging duo Beggars in a New Land, the dynamic electronic project of Eric Brody and Harry Cubberly. With a sound both groovy and sophisticated, “Think About It” epitomizes the blend of styles they continue to hone. The track features shuffling percussion and an energetic, deep acid bassline responsible for the track’s driving feel. Cleverly chopped R&B vocals to top it all off makes for a thrilling four minute ride of peak-time bliss. The fact that they perform a live set is all the more impressive when you take the time to explore the intricacies of “Think About It.”  A quick listen through their SoundCloud page reveals the journey through sound the duo has taken in a relatively short period of time, from the trippy and ethereal to more recent R&B inspired garage and deep house. Their time spent in rock bands and musical knowledge is obvious, and surely contributes to the high level of musicality of their productions. Comparisons to Disclosure are inevitable, but it’s clear that Brody and Cubberly are very much still sharpening their capabilities in the studio and, in the process, refusing to be defined by a singular genre or sound.

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