We are here today to help you get the weekend started off right with a special opportunity to grab an exclusive download from Lafa Taylor‘s latest release “Not One Thing”. If you have yet to catch wind of this massive release Lafa dropped the curtains on last month it’s about time you laid an ear to this eclectic thirteen track release. Taylor is a talented multifaceted emcee/producer that is ready to take you guys on quite the journey as we are dealt everything from catchy hooks to beats packed to the brim with gurgling basslines. If this is your first time stumbling upon this gifted artist then rest assured fans of everyone from Aesop Rock to Deltron 3030 will feel at home with Lafa working your ear drums. Now we are lucky enough to bring you guys “Hold on Tight”, one of the more laid back and relaxing tracks on the release, but be sure to scope the rest of the release while you’re at it because there is much more where this came from. We thought this would be a great addition to your Memorial Day weekend so be sure to take advantage of that little download button below!

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