Spank Rock - Vertigo

Since his emergence in 2006, Spank Rock has remained a revolutionary figure in the world of alternative hip-hop. After developing a friendship early in his career with producer J. Period, the Baltimore native has worked to hone his skills as a rapper and MC. His boundary pushing ideas and inventive style of lyricism has allowed for collaborations with a wide array of artists such as Le1f, Amanda Blank, and Benny Blanco. His ties to both the hip-hop and the electronic music industry have helped to develop his signature style – a no-holds barred sound mixed with his notoriously hypersexual content.

In his latest release, “Gully”, Spank Rock joins forces with his frequent partner Boys Noize, who helped to produce the tracks as well as release it on his label, Boys Noize Records. Accompanying the two is up and coming producer Kid Kamillion, whose hip hop and bounce productions have earned him remixes for labels such as Mad Decent. A two-track single, the B-Side single “Vertigo” holds up as the standout. Using samples of dogs barking, “Vertigo” takes its imaginative production to an entirely new level, filled with heart pounding bass and stylistic breaks. True to form, Spank Rock’s lyrics flow over track, adding a ferocity and high octane attitude. Out now on Boys Noize Records and Bad Blood, “Vertigo” is a track that doesn’t just bark, it bites.

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