Howdy folks, we have some brand new exclusive material you can lay your hands on today. Recently we were able to pick the brain of the west coasts DubCOliNG a bit so come on and dive on in to see what we found! Wrapped into this fresh interview we also have the premiere of a brand new track by the name “Bananaz” for you guys. If you’re looking to transcend space and time this fine Memorial Day then this new flavor from a rising star in the scene will most definitely satiate that craving.

To get the ball rolling would you mind introducing yourself for us briefly?

Greetings, much love to everyone out there, and to everyone at TheDankles.com. My name is Colin and I am thrilled to share an exclusive tune with you all through this exclusive interview.

My passion for music started in middle school when I fell in love with the art of turntablism and scratching. I got my first set of turntables and a mixer back in 2000 and spent the duration of my teenage years learning everything I could about the art of music. This passion for music and scratching began to engulf my entire life and I have not looked back since.

During those first years I acquired a Serato SL1-Scratch Live box, which opened the doors wide open for more possibilities. I could now create amazing new mixing and scratching technics. Most monumental moment of all was my discovery of the Bass Music world in 2006! It sparked a whole new adventure for me; combining my all time favorite genres; reggae and world music, with the heart pumping frequencies of electronic music!

You’re coming to us from the west coast but your roots are here in Colorado. How long has it been since you relocated?

In 2004, I moved away from Carbondale, Colorado in the Roaring Fork Valley. Intially, I landed in Ventura/Oxnard Shores in SoCal working in the sailing industry. In 2011, I moved to South Lake Tahoe to puruse my passion for music and life back in the mountains!

For some reason I can’t help but think the name DubCOliNG must have some sort of story behind it, how did you come upon using this alias?

When I was trying to decide on an adequate alias; a good friend mentioned to me that I could use my name as a play on words because “Colin” sounds extremely similar to “Calling”. After lots of pondering, I decided on DubCOliNG. With this alias I was able to encompass my name, the wonderful state where I was raised, and the idea that music has the ability to call out and speak to your soul by connecting us to our surroundings and each other through rhythm and sound. Singing, dancing, and playing instruments to create music has been a wonderful and mystical aspect of the human race for an extremely long time. I believe we are still just scratching the surface of what music and sound frequencies really are capable of.

We caught wind of your latest release “Heed the Calling” with Street Ritual, is this the first time you have worked with the crew over there?

Yes, This is my debut release of original music and I am more than honored to have been able to release it to the world with Street Ritual!!! When I was living in SoCal one of the first labels I got really stoked on in the Glitch, Dubstep, Bass scene was Street Ritual. I remember years ago when I would go to Mission Control and Area 33 in LA and see Knowa and Nico play there along with a bunch of other amazing artists back in the early days of Street Ritual. It is truly a dream come true to have my debut release, that became a feature on Addictech.com, released on Street Ritual alongside a bunch of other amazing artist that I look up to!

You have managed to rope a lot of variation into this boisterous four track EP, do you just like to switch things up or is it your intention to work in a little something for everyone?

I love to take people on a journey when I play a live set, and I wanted to do the same thing when I put my debut EP release together. Its important to me to try and make people feel like they are trodding through a story as they listen to a mix, album, or EP. For me, when a artist has created a story for me to walk through with their tunez, it helps to create a journey for the music to take me on. I think music has the ability to subconsciously speak to us; like I previously mentioned, and connect us with the bliss and vibrations that music is overflowing with.

How would you describe the sound you find yourself putting forth to the public?

I love any music that makes you move and your heart pulse, but I resonate most with Funky Mid- Tempo Gurpy-ness, banging 80’s BPM tunez, and Deep Dub vibez. I am aiming to try and create some Funky, Gurpy, Psychedelic, Bass music with deep heavy frequencies and massive amounts of modulation to make the music speak to you in its own language. I’m not really trying to focus on one certain genre or BPM, but rather create as much variation as I can while keeping the same intention. I usually try and cover the whole BPM spectrum when I play live so expect to be hearing speeds and genres of all kinds! :-)

From the looks of things you use to churn out all sorts of mash-up tracks, is this something you still have an affinity for or have you found yourself shying away from that and focusing more on original production?

Before I got Ableton and the knowledge to produce electronic music, I would spend countless hours mixing and mashing up my favorite reggae and world tracks with my favorite Bass music songs. I cant even explain how fun it is to find the perfect way for two songs to fit together and sound like they could have actually been produced together.

Now that I have fully dove into some original production the last 3 years (after solely mixing and scratching for the first 11 years) I probably wont be putting out to many mashups in the near future because I want to spend every spare moment I have perfecting my sound design and finishing more original tracks.
I have a bunch of new mashups, I just only play them when I perform live. 😉

Being that you’re based out west now can we look to see you coming our way in Colorado at any point this coming festival season?

I am hoping to line up some Colorado bookings soon! I would love to get out there and play some tunez for all the CO family again this summer! The last time I was out there was for Satan’s Castle at Casselman’s on October 25th last year for a halloween party.
Colorado seriously has some of the the liveliest vibez, every time I’m at a show out there everyone is so full of energy!! Gotta love the CO vibe!!!!!! 😀

Any last words you’d like to slide in here for the fans on the other side?

I have a lot of new tracks in the works right now and getting prepped up for an awesome summer! I have lots of singles on the way, along with another EP out later this summer. Be on the lookout for my remix for Australia’s Animitronix, coming out in May!

It really means the world to me to be able to share my love for music and sound with you all. Thank you so much for tuning in!!!

I’ll see you on the dance floor!

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