As many of you already know Denver is quite the hot spot for budding producers. Whether you’re into high energy club music, dubstep, laid back jams, or anything in between you’re sure to find a talented up and comer beginning to make a name for themselves out here. Today we are bringing you a brief Q&A with Late Night Right, one of those very producers rising from the primordial soup of the Denver music scene. If you like what he’s about be sure you come on out to Cervantes tomorrow night for Late Night Radio’s album release and duel venue event with MartyParty amongst other talented producers. If you’re not down at Wakarusa you definitely come through and get down with us!

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To start us off would you mind introducing yourself and letting everyone know where you’re tuning in from today?c

 I’m Alex Medellin currently living in Denver, Colorado and my stage name is Late Night Radio.

You have been pretty busy touring this Spring, how have all these shows been treating you thus far?

Spring was amazing! I got to go on the Power In Numbers Tour with with the homies Griz and Michal Menert. I really couldn’t have asked for better shows, good turnouts, great people, and new places.

What have been a few highlights so far?

I would say riding jet skis in Miami with the whole Power In Numbers crew was pretty memorable; as far as shows go everything is just new to me so I’m still soaking it all in.

This past year has been huge for you, have you been surprised with how accepting everyone has been on the tunes you’re churning out?

Yes it’s crazy to me. I’ve been at it for a minute and to be getting the respect from producers I’ve looked up to for a long has probably been the best part.

You have a very laid back yet energetic production style, has soulful electronica always been your thing or did you start off producing other forms of music at first?

Before I was into producing more organic type hip hop downtempo stuff. Ever since I’ve started producing, that was the music I wanted to make- it just took me a little while to get there, and honestly I’m not even close to where I personally want to be as a producer or musician.

You’re a fairly young face in the scene still, how long have you been at it and who were some of your first inspirations (not necessarily musical)?

I’ve been producing almost 6 years now but I really made the push to start playing live and make music my life about 2 years ago. Starting out I’d have to say RJD2 was the first producer I heard that really made me want to make music. As far as just musically, The Beatles have always been a huge inspiration to me in their willingness and ability to evolve.


On Saturday you are throwing down with quite the crew at Cervantes for your album release, are you stoked to throw down in the hometown or what?

Oh ya, I’m really stoked. This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to choose my own lineup so I had to put the homies on. We’ve got most of the Super Best Records crew with Mux Mool, Artifakts, Mikey Thunder, and JK Soul with a local producer I’m really digging, Reed Mt, opening the night. It’s been a minute since I’ve played in Denver and can’t wait to get down with the crew.

Next week you drop the curtains on “Soap Box” your debut LP, what are a few words you think would best suite the sound you have wrangled together for this release?

I tried to make timeless music. Honestly I don’t think it’s the album people are expecting but it’s the album I wanted to make. I made 15 tracks for the album and instead of taking just the bangers out of the bunch, I took the 7 songs that would make the best album as a whole. I hope it shows through in the release.

You started your musical career in Denver right? How did the thriving music scene here help aid in your creative process?

Actually I started in California making instrumentals for snowboarding videos and commercials. I moved to Denver because I saw the scene developing in a way much different than SoCal and I figure with what I was doing if I could stand out in Denver I could stand out anywhere. As far as the scene its amazing people are so accepting musically and the musical connections I’ve made are priceless, without them I wouldn’t be talking to you.

We see that you are keeping the ball rolling this summer and will be preforming all over the place, any stops in particular you’re looking forward to?

Ya I’m really excited about pretty much everything, Infrasound, Sonic Bloom, What The Festival, Electric Forest, Big Dub.. this is the summer I’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Any final shout outs you’d like to slide in here for the fans on the other side?

Ya thank you guys for listening to my tunes and look out for shenanigans from the whole Super Best Records crew Michal Menert, Mux Mool, Krooked Drivers, Mikey Thunder, Artifakts, The BeatServer, JK Soul and the rest of the homies.

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