With Denver possessing such an eclectic and unique music scene it’s no surprise we see so many DIY imprints get their start here. Today we have the first release from a brand new collective called Ravish & Blap. Striving to blend multiple styles of music, art, and fashion into one cohesive stream it will be great to see where these guys take things. Their first release comes to us from the fingertips of kLL sMTH, Atomic Reactor, 2NUTZ, and sAuce. This collection of tracks on “Make Love To Silence” are the fruit of long studio hours whenever the guys could find time to get together to create over the past year so it’s great that they are finally allowing them to see the light of day! Packed to the brim with gargling and bubbling bass vibrations we are sure plenty of you will find this right up your alley.

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