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Howdy folks, we have our first exclusive of the week coming in hot today. Fresh off Art of Fact‘s brand spankin’ new MalLabel Music EP we are sure some of you won’t be able to get enough of this one. This seasoned Oregon based producer has been patiently waiting to drop the curtains on his “Bodies of Water EP” and it has been well worth the wait. You are all about to be taken on a textured joyride through the mind of Art of Fact! Laced with alien like basslines it’s quite easy to find yourself totally immersed in this release and channeling beings from another realm. “Moonshine Showers” is our favorite song on the release so it brings us great joy that we can hook you guys up with this bad boy for free! Digital vocals lure us deep into the bog as we are dropped into a swampy abyss laced with abstract hip hop verses from Art of Fact. Now “Moonshine Showers” is only one taste from this 5 track release so find your way over to Beatport to get your mitts on this entire release and the killer remixes from Bless the A.M., SOULULAR, and Devin Kroes that wrap things up.

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