I love it when producers can consistently show their supporters love. The Polish Ambassador is continually supporting his fans, even though you can purchase a physical copy of his latest album “Pushing Through The Pavement” you can also grab it for free if you’re strapped for cash (just like the rest of his material)! Gotta love that, especially when it’s a massive fifteen track release. Though TPA has quite the extensive catalogue this may very well be my favorite release to date. Over the past few years we have really heard TPA truly come into a sound of his own. The vibes conjured up on “Pushing Through The Pavement” are something like a time vortex that is pulling us back to the Triassic period to party down with the dinosaurs. The funky basslines backing each track give way to some very special collaborations with an entire cavalcade of talented artists. I think all of these features truly help make this a very well rounded release so it brings me great happiness that Sean Haefeli, Mr. Lif, Ayla Nereo, Ryan Herr, Lizzy Plotkin, Saqi, Lafa Taylor, Kirtaniyas, Raashan Ahmad, Peia, and Yarah Bravo all were able to work with David on this album!

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