Prolific producer Jason Burns hails from Portland, Oregon, but his musical style draws from the garage and house vibes that the United Kingdom is famous for. With an uber-successful Drake remix on heavy rotation at BBC1 and a spot on XLR8R’s “Best of 2013” list, Jason Burns is about to become the next big name in house music. His upcoming EP Do Without, to be released on indie label Love&Other, is a sexy amalgamation of soulful R&B, two-step, bass, house, and dark garage sounds. Burns effortlessly fuses together genres to create hauntingly wistful melodies over subtly aggressive beats, as heard on the title track, “Do Without”. In honor of his impending EP release, we asked Jason Burns a few questions about his music. Check out the stream of Do Without after the interview!
What is the electronic music scene like in Portland, Oregon?
There are tons of great artists coming through here. I wish I could actually get out to see them but my 3 year old has other plans.
Your collaborative remix of “Too Much” with Jessie Andrews has helped to put you on more people’s radar this year. How do you differentiate your sound in the house music scene?
I don’t know really, I guess I just got inspired by a lot of the darker, more soulful house that I’d been hearing. I don’t focus too much on differentiating myself beyond trying to avoid cliches.  I just try to make interesting music that I would like to hear in a club. 
How did you become involved with the brand-new record label Love & Other?
They just contacted me out of the blue, after hearing the Drake remix on Radio 1 maybe.
What were your musical inspirations for your latest EP, Do Without?
I think I was inspired by some of the break-y stuff I’d been hearing from people like Worthy and French Fries, as well as the bass-y house stuff coming out of the UK generally.
You can purchase Do Without on June 30th.

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