“Wednesday is the new Friday” thanks to RE:UP Wednesday‘s. Euphonic Conceptions is creating quite a bit of ruckus in Denver; by taking regular old Wednesday nights and bringing us some of the most sought after artist from all ends of the spectrum. In conjunction with Souls In Action they are taking over The 1up off Colfax for this new weekly showcase that will be delivering all the freshest beats and vibes for the foreseeable future. Incase this is your first time hearing about these event’s the show is FREE before 9pm and only $5 if you show up after (unless otherwise noted), how dope is that?!

10440974_242861042570642_9145276004732329421_nEye and Eye Photography

The latest edition to RE:UP Wednesday’s featured: Teebs (Brainfeeder), Adam Snow, Blvck Jordan, and Azon Classic. With a lineup so stacked there was little room left in the main bar area by the time Adam Snow took the stage and by the time he was wrapping things up we were looking at a packed out. Teebs took the stage around midnight and dealt us a dazzling two hour set chock full of all the lush, textured, and beautifully woven beats that we came to hear! While the crowd was able to coax a few more songs from Teebs once he drew things to a close it was definitely one of those shows that left everyone wanting more. Be sure you come down next week to check out Robot Koch and Patrick Lee!

Preview next weeks artist below:

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