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With the mighty reaches of the internet it’s not uncommon for talented artists to collaborate and churn out a few tracks together these days. It’s far more uncommon to see artists from two different hemispheres of sound get together and start churning out a raucous new style the public cannot get enough of. What we have for you today is just that, GDP and Space Jesus join forces to bring us #$ (Hash Money), an outlandish partnering of hip hop and bass ready to rock your eardrums. These two just dropped the curtains on their debut EP promptly titled “#$” and we have no doubt you will all be completely absorbed by each track. Dive in below to see what’s going on in the minds of these two outlandish artists.

Thanks for linking up with us guys, how was this past weekend?

Going hard making art, same as every other weekend.

So you’re just dropping the curtains on the debut EP from #$, how does it feel to finally share this with the public?

What we would imagine childbirth to feel like but the first time you hold your newborn child in your arms but it’s on a computer screen, for suggested donation.

Is there any kind of message you guys tried to filter into this EP as a whole or does each track speak for itself?

If you never smoked weed before, give it a shot. If you don’t like it, try it again sometime.

With that being said, we prefer oil. (see track 6)

You both come from very different musical backgrounds, how did this project end up coming to be?

Although our musical backgrounds are different, we been down since like day -1. For anyone who’s been paying attention to either of our music, we’ve been collaborating for over 5 years now and it keeps getting tastier.

GDP, you have been in the hip hop scene for awhile now, what made you want to change things up form what you were doing before #$?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision, Space J and I had just been living together and started fucking around on some tracks. We were hyped on the direction they were going in so we decided to give the project a name and identity.

Space Jesus, when we first came across your tunes you were serving up gut busting space bass, do you have fun working that sound into beats that can back a hip hop track?

Hip hop came first for me and is one of my biggest influences and bass makes me feel great. That being said, I always have fun.


You guys just recently had your first live performance together, how was that?

We’ve been performing together for years but just started billing ourselves as #$ (Hash Money). The live performance is probably the best part of the whole project. We know each other musically as well as we know each other personally and the live show is a reflection of that chemistry.

When can we look to see you guys hitting the road to showcase this new project with the masses?

We have some shows coming up this summer and more in the works. We’re looking forward to more extensive touring in the near future, especially hitting the big weeee333d states. What’s up Colorado?

I’m sure the summers about to getting hot up in the Northeast, what plans do you guys have for the next few months?

We’ve got a new studio album well underway so finishing that up, new videos, more shows, more collaborating, grinding.

You can’t coop yourselves up in the studio all the time, what are few things you can be found getting into outside of your music production?

Yes we can 😉

Any last shouts you’d like to slide in here for homies on the other side before we sign off today?

Biggup Planet Cognac, Smokers Cough, Big Scoops, Matty Larsen aka Knowledge Knights, Strangeweather Studios, Will Yip, Michele with one ‘L’, Shape, Hot Sugar, everybody on the album, all our friends and supporters. Also, biggup the dude that got the #$ logo tattooed on his chest weeks before the record even dropped.

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Photo by: Ahmed Klink

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