Entrepreneurial enigma Jessie Andrews‘ brand-new deep house scorcher, “Slim Fit Jeans”, is the inaugural release on her record label ZIVS, and it does not disappoint. Andrews, a chameleon both on and off the dancefloor, combines her love of house music with her bass-packed Miami roots for a catchy anthem about, well, a nice booty. The sass-filled hook, an ode to a pair of nice-fitting jeans, is memorable, but it’s in the production that Andrews shows her skill,  pairing her flirtatious vocals with an aggressive, danceable bassline. With a steady stream of excellent tracks and an intensive summer tour schedule (she is currently sharing her signature disco-house beats with Australia), Jessie Andrews shows no sign of stopping her groove anytime soon. Make sure to catch one of her sets this summer – you can find dates here.

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